Simple secrets for beauty and health of hair


Even if by nature you have very good hair, they still need careful maintenance, because of the coloring and styling, they suffer a great deal.

The hair was healthy and looked good, definitely need to get from food all the necessary nutrients. Because of diets and dietary restrictions, we often do not get sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals. Primarily this affects the skin, hair and nails, because the body first provides the vital systems, and then takes care of your beauty.

In your diet must be enough vitamins A, C, E, b group, fatty acids. Include in their menu eggs, liver, whole grains, cabbage, olive oil, oily fish, avocado, berries. These products will help you to obtain all the necessary substances. It is worth noting that if you decide to take vitamins additionally, it should be done with caution, because their excess can lead to hair loss.

Very important and appearance care. If possible, it is better not to wash your hair every day is a disrupted microbial balance and pH level. Must pick up shampoo, conditioner and other skincare based on the type and condition of your hair.

Once a week, or twice a month, if your hair is oily, you can do oil masks. Use olive, almond, peach, castor oil, or mixtures thereof. Apply oil on the hair, distribute and massage the scalp.

Remember that frequent styling, especially with the use of Curling irons and hair dryers, do not affect the condition of the hair. You must use the means of thermal protection, and when drying it is not necessary to include the hot mode. Keep the Hairdryer at a distance of 20-30 centimeters from the head.

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