Simulated tan: matte bronzer Marc Jacobs Beauty O!Coconut mega Bronze Perfect Tan in shade 104 Tan-Tastic


Hello! At the request of those wishing to tell about summer bronzer-Limite conquer the world. Is it worth chasing a legend or pass? My thoughts under the cut.

Limitka the summer of 2018

⚠ Do not know how to hold the camera, process photos and nice to apply a product to the face, I have no special lights and additional equipment, my appearance is far from the standards of glossy magazines. Post a photo as it is made sneakers on a day with variable cloudiness. Here, you are warned ????

Hardly a means to impart artificial tanning of the skin is mandatory in the purse. For a long time I didn’t see the point in using a bronzer (and about the existence of such products is not known), preferring a natural tan. Then I had a few instances, more out of curiosity and influenced by the beauty of the forums, but the application they have not received. And only a few years ago, I appreciated bronzing powder, when my apparent penchant for solar pigmentation and I stopped tanning. Important was the question of the return of life and a healthy color to my pale green face.

Bronzer Marc Jacobs appeared in my collection the last, probably because of the numerous positive reviews. Originally it was a limited-edition version attracted attention.

Marc Jacobs Beauty O!Mega Bronze Perfect Tan Coconut — Limited Edition originally released in the framework of the limited edition spring collection 2017 Marc Jacobs Coconut Glow Collection and immediately earned recognition hutubessy and integralnih award.

While I was thinking, should I or you go past the pet of the public were removed from the shelves, limitka. It seems that people like me who were eager to join the beautiful, had accumulated a sufficient quantity, and limido returned this summer, including again a limited edition collection Coconut Fantasy Collection, paint packing details in trendy rose gold color.

The collection includes a blush palette eye shadow, liquid highlighter in two shades of loose powder, shade, shade and rest with last summer’s makeup base and a spray for fixing makeup. Half of the products scented.

What a beautiful this bronzer? It’s huge, it pigmented, it is universal and it smells coconut. To get a perfect tan coconut — so literally translated the name of the bronzer — just a few strokes of the brush.

I assumed that the packaging is big. But she’s just a mega-huge! White glossy box with metallic details in rose gold

Sleek design, low labels

The ends are made in pink gold, you can also find information about number and name of the shade

On the reverse side — composition. Made in the USA. Shelf life — 12 months.

Inside the case is protected by thick cardboard, the product seems fragile.

Glossy white hard case bronzer with raised letters pink gold. Barely fits in the palm. Perfectly collects dirt and fingerprints.

Opens by pressing the button again the color rose gold. Long nails are saved. The packaging actually looks very stylish as plastic can afford it, fans of the Suite should be happy. Although, the strength of the spray is in doubt: in the palette, for example, the region has managed to break away, and there are fears that all this will be further covered in scratches.

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On the reverse side (bottom to name language does not turn) is a sticker with all necessary information. 25 grams of the product — nightmare fans beauty project pan. You can be sure that this hunk will stay with you for a very long time.

Maximum cover offers a little more than 90 degrees, but the usability of it. Sector dust protected flexible plastic, I advise you not to throw, but to keep and to fly at the opening of this membrane will be exactly. But believe me, it’s not just.

The mirror is huge, does not distort and it seemed to me that slightly increases. As mentioned bloggers: “even if the shade doesn’t fit you, case always can be used as a mirror when travelling”. Well, to take such a giant. — a dubious pleasure, but on the dressing table this mirror will be a good helper.

But we’re not behind the mirror to give money, right? More importantly, what’s inside and what happens with it on my face.

Bronzer put on the soul. The sector is a bit in the recess of the case, which in my opinion was the right decision: the powder is very finely ground and dusty when set on the brush, it all scatters in different directions, but with this design it all at least within the case will remain.

The bronzer shade depending on the light. In the sun it looks more warm

In the shade — chocolate

On a cloudy day looks cold and even greyish

The harsh reality of the first applications and the dirt around the sector

Shade seems to me to be universal. It’s the perfect balance of beige, gray and brown. I don’t see outright redness, reddishness, or gray. Color was developed with the needs of different types of appearances. I think the shade will suit even the snow white, if not much layering. The finish is matte, the powder is no hint of shimmer or glitter in the sun you can see the implicit satin glow.

Embossed bronzer is reminiscent of the layers of sand.

Closer to the sun

And closeAnd high I could get my camera

Fine grind powder and not the dense pressing. Touch bronzer is soft and silky, very pleasant tactile sensations.

On the ring finger is held on the powder with your finger without pressing once; on average — slightly rubbed to gain more

He ran his fingers over the hand, the pigmentation is great, the color was easily transmitted to the skin

In the sun. One brushstroke and layering. In the shadows. One brushstroke and layering.In cloudy weather. One brushstroke and layering.

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If you look closely, the shade is identical to my freckles ????

I’ve already told you about the scent? The bronzer smells of coconut. Think about the similarities? There are differences. Include pharmaniaga. Perfume famous Butter Physicians Formula Bronzer is just a chemical attack in comparison with the delicate fragrance of Marc Jacobs O!Mega Bronzer. Mark decided to feel sorry for the users, showing that not just the brand are available in different fragrances. MJ O!Mega Bronzer has a subtle scent that is only noticeable during the opening of the case, is a mixture of chocolate and coconut in the floral-powdery cloud. When using audible aroma remains on the skin for just a few minutes and then disappears. For comparison, the PF Bronzer Butter smells bright and a little chemical Pina-coladas even when standing a step away from the shelf, where is a closed case, on the skin the scent lasts a few hours.

Well, since I began to compare, shows hue bronzer in comparison with other residents of my cosmetics.

All products are dearly loved, usany and hence the photo is not cleaned

Powder Hourglass Dim Light is too dark for my skin and I will use it as a bronzer when the skin is pale. Guerlain Terra Ora is shining particles, plus for my skin it leaves a reddish undertone and I have received comments that the face is too red with it. As can be seen, PF Butter Bronzer in the lightest shade lighter MJ O!Mega and the color is perfect, except too bright aroma. Charlotte Tilbury is at the crossroads between brostrom and sculptor, I still use under the cheekbone. And famous and the way bronzer Tarte Park Ave Princess is similar in shade with MJ O!Mega. Tarte is more tightly compacted and slightly less pigmented, if you for some reason upset that you don’t have in the collection MJ Tan-Tastic!, feel free to take “analog”, the result is the skin will be the same.

By the way, about the sculptor. Just in case, here is a comparison of MJ O!Mega Bronze #Tan-Tastic! with D&G Tan.

They are quite different and serve different purposes, but all of a sudden someone in the head surfaced the idea of using the bronzer as a sculptor (despite the “dullness” of MJ, still do not recommend it)

Grayer — Tan, perigee — Tan-Tastic!

On the hand layered for clarity

In the sun. Left Tan, right Tan-Tastic!In the shadows. Left Tan, right Tan-Tastic!

I admit, I made friends with this bronzerat immediately. When set on the brush the powder is dusty and shatters in small pieces throughout the case

Brush with natural bristles (goat)Brush with synthetic bristles

Less dust is obtained by set for a brush with natural bristles proteins

Downside — protein virtually does not pass this bronzer on the skin ???? If you are afraid of the pigmentation and you’re afraid to instruct spots on the skin, it is best to use a squirrel and layering. But I prefer to put the goat — and the pigmentation is, and to control the feathering. Synthetic dusts and puts the same spot, alas. Good tip: when applying bronzer, think about what you wear.

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The first attempts to make friends with bronzerat

With the application of a handle and a beginner, pigmentation can be adjusted by yourself with the first brush stroke on the face powder doesn’t get stains. The bronzer lays down uniform, thin layer of delicate, highly susceptible to shading, it can be easy tosevite in any cream or powder product. But if you get carried away with the application, the stain on the skin. I also noticed that if the skin has pimples or uneven terrain, the bronzer will show and will turn into dark spots.

I don’t apply bronzer on bare skin, just for the tonal solo or fixed with powder, the difference in application noticed bald spots and smudges will not (unless babahnut from pounds bronzer with a heavy hand for sticky Foundation, of course). Lasts all day to make-up remover, even if you touch your face with your hands. The formula is not comedogenic, my skin took bronzer quietly, the emergence of new pimples can not be afraid (if you pay attention to the make-up remover). Is removed along with the powder and Foundation any improvised: hydrophilic oil, micellar water or facial cleanser.

Well, now comes the worst part: the bronzer on the face. Let me remind you, my skin is not perfect, like makeup skills 🙂

Before/After. Bronzer applied with a light layer of tone and the powder in the cheeks, forehead, chin and nose.Just layeredItin full regalia, my daily (Yes, I know what lipstick color does not fit)

I think the more dark-skinned girls will need ointensive to apply it, I also have a couple of times easy to brush in the face. Enjoy bronzerat in the summer, but winter will return to Physicians Formula, it is lighter.

It a lot
Nice smell of coconut
A huge mirror
Not Petit
Universal shade
Silky texture Brand packaging
Not every brush its good cause
Can highlight the texture of the skin
Not travel-friendly

Alas, in Russia coconut collection chose not to deliver, will have to catch up on shopping Internet sites. The price on the official website $49, I took a premium in terms of rubles 4000. It’s not the most humane price, but a huge amount is understandable.

Period of use: 2 months

Rating: 7 out of 10. This is a good bronzer with its nuances. It will delight collectors or will be a good companion as the only instance in the purse. If only the world was not other bronzing powders…

What do you think of bronzers? Is it worth chasing limitai?

And thanks for stopping by

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