Siordia Parfums – magic potion

In Krasnodar there are shamans…

South the air is thick and hot, rich aromas of flowers, fruits and herbs.

He is a work of perfumery art. And in such circumstances, to declare itself, to leave a fragrant trail and fragrant memory, we need an expansive bright spirits who would be able to compete with nature.

That’s why Oriental perfume often so thick, active and dense.

And that’s why mark Siordia Parfums could appear only in the southern expanses.

But that’s not all. Another Association that permeates the fragrance of the brand, is incense and fumigation, love potion, healing recipes, something from shamans and Indian temples.

Association heats recognizably natural raw materials from which spirits are made.

In the context of the above even a bit strange to say that Catherine Siordia β€” Russian perfumer πŸ™‚ But life is full of surprises.

Behind every fragrance there is a beautiful legend, sometimes even a parable. Some of the pyramids are kept secret. And in General there is a sense of mysticism and magic.

All flavors are produced in a concentration of “spirits”, all very rich, very persistent and very drag. I wore a prayer at parting β€” that was more than enough.

A standard size bottle β€” 15 ml, price of 3800 rubles. But you can buy 5 ml. And a set of probes 8Ρ…1ΠΌΠ» for 2400 RUB And I must say, with such exuberance that 1 ml is enough for a very long time.

But more to the point, to be exact β€” to fragrances.

Here are a few for which it is possible to judge about the author’s handwriting.

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The Temple Of ISIS

The pyramid is kept secret.

The fragrance is described as warm, spicy, mysterious.

A fragrance with a beautiful legend about the temple, the woman’s drama and beauty.

Thick, dense, specialy, cold and burning at the same time, wet the cold stones that pepper the trail, smoky and swirling. Ebony, dark needles, uneasy night.

A very specific combination of the damp cold stones and speciesare smoke.

On the website it says, that it is probably one of the strangest scents in the collection.

Very special aroma, dark. I think unisex. For autumn is perfect to wander through the dusky parks under a drizzle and raking feet wet fallen leaves, immersed deeply in himself.

The Skin of my Dreams

Composition: osmanthus, about damask rose, lime, Jasmine, Ciampac, juniper, vetiver, castoreum, musk, leather, tobacco, tuberose, guajava tree, agarwood tree.

Do you think it smells? Interesting reading β€” citrus-leather scent. With a characteristic sour taste, which can be seen tight, well-crafted new leather belt or leather bags. Doesn’t sound rude in the composition are the colors that bring the softness, but still a solo note skin here nothing interrupts.

Dense aroma, strong, quiet, smooth, stable, with an average train. Unisex. For men beyond age and time. For women in autumn or a business suit.

Fans of leather should go …

Fleur de Mai

Pyramids on the site, is described as: green, soft floral fragrance with notes of juicy citrus, Persian lilac, Lily of the valley, the first spring grass.

May flowers from Catherine Siordia start tart dark green, thick and strong and bitter.

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In the composition of the claimed Persian lilac and lilies of the valley. Echoes of the colors I hear, but the mashed petals on a background of green bitter astringency.

The Association with color β€” khaki or military green.

Dense (thick, because there is some richness in the aroma), active, loopback and persistent.

Unisex. At my nose is the scent for fall.

Dance Delhi

Composition: patchouli, oak moss, bergamot, absolute tobacco, Ciampac, osmanthus, saffron, Absolut currant, nutmeg, lime, hay, juniper, sage, musk, green Mandarin.

Dance Delhi β€” the name says it all. Specialy, dry and hot, smoky, bitter and sweet nuances, a dense plume and persistent. Intoxicating.

A walk through Eastern market, where the smell of dried fruit, spices, incense, honey and smoke.

Very interesting beautiful aroma. Unisex. Perfect for autumn.

Recurring kharkteristika β€” a dense, rich, shelf stable.

Recognizable and natural, with echoes of incense and a love of fragrances, pharmaceutical ointments and healing balms.

I’d like to compare Siordia Parfums with Reflexion Parfum in the sense that the concept is the complete opposite, like South and North pole respectively.

A charismatic brand with a recognizable handwriting of the author. With nothing to confuse.


In reviews perfume exhibitions I mentioned this brand. Girls, has anyone tried?

This article continues the project of exploring the Russian perfumers. πŸ™‚

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To be continued πŸ™‚

Thank you for your attention to my review!

I’m Vera πŸ™‚

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