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The philosophy of the brand Siordia Parfums is in the reflection of the set of States of the human soul. This is a fantastic fragrant of history, leading into the inner world, help to become closer to him.
Made primarily from natural ingredients, this slim, close to natural-sounding colors and natural phenomena fragrances, absolutely unique and not a classic.

Siordia Parfums — Russian perfume brand, the Creator of which is the Catherine Siordia.

“I’m writing the flavors like the picture. I like deep, multi-layered, malleable fantasy, with plenty of modulations and nuances. My fragrances are more like potions or elixirs. Some elixirs of immortality. But others, finding the natural balance in this world, are encouraged to live a colorful and carefree life…” (source – the official site

You know, when I first visited the site of the brand, the first Association that arose when looking at the design of bottles, logo and product names are works by A. Norton from the series “secrets of the witch world”. His imagination painted images of menhirs, dolmens, sinister forests, impassable swamps, witches and all sorts of paraphernalia associated with witchcraft.

Some hidden string in my soul they definitely hurt. Because I was very interested to join this magical atmosphere permeated by a sense of mystery and mysticism.
Flavors Siordia divided into six broad categories, of which I am primarily interested in citrus/ fruity and aromatic/ landscape. Besides these, there are Escozine/ woody/ tobacco, Oriental/ speziavia/ gourmet, floral/ powdery and temple. But because I love light and citrus flavors, these notoriously heavy on my nose category I bypassed.

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Green Sea Cicadas

Characteristics: fresh, bright
Group of scents: citrus fruit
Composition: green Mandarin, currant, pink pepper, guajava tree, lime, galbanum, raspberry leaf, tomato leaf absolute, the fingers of the Buddha (citron), absolute sage.
Graduation year: 2016
Author: Catherine Siordia

Bright flavor.
Moderately juicy, moderately green.
Instantly envelops its bearer an aura of mystery – it’s not every day you meet someone who smells of tart bitterness of wormwood and bitter sour citrus with light echoes of pink pepper smell. I can see it on Yennefer of Vengerberg (though of lilac and gooseberries it is not in sight), there would not only Geralt lost his head.

Bulky and unusual scent that is not associated with the usual “sugakane”. Of known fragrances, closer in mood – powder Chanel 19.
The price of a bottle from 3800 RUB

The Wind Of Ancient Crete

Feature: fresh, penetrating, dynamic
Group of scents: woody
Composition: vetiver, fir absolute, myrrh, pine, Somali frankincense, Himalayan cedar, bergamot, lime, aquatic notes, natural whale ambergris, galbanum.
Graduation year: 2016
Author: Catherine Siordia

The fragrance shimmers and plays, he is unpredictable and multifaceted.
I hear salty sea spray, fresh pine needles, a bit of sweetness and very light sourness somewhere in the depth of this dry mix. At times, during rassasyvaniya flavor it seemed to me that I can smell snow and temple decoration. Felt like someone invisible was throwing me from one season to another, and these jumps are accompanied by the change of times and locations. An incredible kaleidoscope of feelings and associations in one bottle.
Persistent, deep and vahandarya perfume. Inherent self-sufficiency and the lack of unoriginality – a rarity in our time.
The price of a bottle from 3800 RUB

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Fleur de Mai

Feature: fresh, green, tender
Group of scents: citrus floral
Composition: roses, filled with Jasmine flowers, lilies of the valley, absolute cherry, tangerine, white flowers, tuberose, lilac.
Graduation year: 2016
Author: Catherine Siordia

According to the description on the website of the brand I was thinking of a gentle light, almost transparent aroma. Actually it is not, the reality is somewhat different fake picture.
It is a bit powdery and blocky, so to speak. Is associated with the spring awakening of nature from a long winter’s NAP – merry murmuring streams of melt water, to lush flowering cherry. Aroma sometimes green and sour, sometimes prickly and sharp. But for all the sound there was a General fresh direction. So it could smell Essie davenne.

The price of a bottle from 3800 RUB


Feature: fresh, tangy, aquatic
Group of scents: citrus fruit
Composition: amber, aquatic notes, mango, passion fruit, Absolut currant, cherry, pear, frangipani, pink pepper, bergamot, green Mandarin, Yerba mate, bitter orange, lime, hemp, violet, green notes.
Graduation year: 2017
Author: Catherine Siordia

The warm summer scent of juicy ripe fruit, warm air, salty sea and green herbs. Very cheerful, tasty and alive.
Association – walk on the sandy beach on a tropical island. Mixed lazy feeling of serenity and unbridled joy of staying in an exotic location.
For some reason I see Marceline Bédard, despite the overall positive message

The price of a bottle from 3800 RUB

All four fragrance combines remarkable resilience – from five hours and it to me, kholodnaia)
There is some similarity in all the selected works, but to say what they have in common, I can’t. You need to experience yourself. They are bright, memorable, stimulating associative memory…
Once again hats off to the Russian perfumer and thank you for the range of feelings and emotions that arose during testing.

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