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This year the Sisley team has released its first automatic eyeliners. Quite a novelty to call this product difficult. Rather, it is an improved version of a previous pencil Phyto-Khol Star (the one that was with Swarovski stone on the end). “All the intensity of a liquid liner in pencil” — says the manufacturer. What to expect from the new products and how good it is, I’ll tell you in today’s post.

3 years ago I completely lost interest to cosmetic pencils and moved on to liquid liner or drew the arrow shadows (wet). And it was not my whim or the desire to try something new in makeup. It was a necessary measure. Previously, I have used pencils (different brands and price categories) were moments that I was not satisfied. The stylus is too hard/soft, then the arrow never rests, the strip on the lower eyelid, lumps,/patches, etc. Liquid eyeliner and baked shadows wet method required more time and precision when applying. This variant of the eyes, too, were not ideal. After 2 years, something new happened — my priorities have changed. From applying eye shadow and a broad arrow I refused in favor of a natural, low-key eye makeup, but without underlining the ciliary edge of the overall image looked faded. So the question is how to do your makeup subtle and beautiful still for some time remained open. When there is an automatic Sisley eyeliners I took the test two basic (as I thought) color: “Shimmering grey” and “Shining brown”.
In the end there is a built-in sharpener. A couple of times I tried to sharpen a pencil, but it turns out very, very cost — effective- length of the pencil is fading away.
Sisley has released the pencil in 8 shades ( I hope in the future the brand will expand the color palette) with different effects.
5 of them with the prefix “Sparkling” give “glittery”, iridescent glow. The remaining 3 tone, code name “Mystic” is a very dark, almost black shades with a subtle light reflecting particles.
And now in detail about my acquisitions:
Sisley Phyto-Khol Star Waterproof All-day long pencil liner #3 “Sparkling brown” water resistant eye pencil with a shimmering effect in shade #3 “Shining brown”.
And here is the color:
The characteristics and the behavior of the pencil I will describe below, after the show the second hue Sisley Phyto-Khol Star Waterproof All-day long pencil liner #2 “Sparkling grey” water resistant eye pencil with a shimmering effect in shade #2 “Shining grey”
In the next photo I tried to focus your attention on the box with the name of the shade. “Grey” in my understanding, this is grey, but Sisley Phyto-Khol Star Waterproof it was not so easy.
And then we’ll see a real Swatch.
Even if everything is blamed on my “colorblindness”, remember that grey has its own “fifty shades” and “pull the ears” name “Sparkling Grey” to the color Grifola eventually see one distinct blue sheen. By the time of writing the post grey pencil is almost over and each time with different lighting and the refraction of light, he looked new. In my opinion, this effect gives a multi-colored glittery inclusions.
As soon as I tried to bend the hands for the photo, in reality the blue came to the fore. Then I got to the photo shoot son. The result was the following:
both colors in the room
But so pencils Sisley look in direct sunlight. It is on the street, they fully justify its name “sparkling”.
Before proceeding to the description of the behavior of the pencils on the eyelids, will demonstrate the efficiency of the product, or rather its complete absence. Top new Phyto-Khol Star Waterproof, unscrewed until the end of the pen. The bottom pencil which I used on the strength of 5 times. I think the photo shows how quickly they are consumed.
My opinion: don’t count me biased “Salamanca”, but cosmetics Sisley was and is considered one of the best. The brand is very “accurate” means. Mark is not looking for seasonal collections and release of new products to market, and painstakingly brings to mind every one of them. That is why I trust decorative cosmetics Sisley and I know that (mostly) means meet the manufacturer’s statements.
As for today’s pencils, here’s the official description:
Cream durable texture stylus guarantees a great glide on the skin and provides perfect clarity and precision lines.
— All stand the test: rain, humidity, heat, tears, load, sweat, sebum.
Very stable.
The formula for the stylus extremely comfortable and soft enriched with rosehip oil, bisabolol natural origin and acetate of vitamin E, cares for the delicate skin of the eyelids.

And I agree with every statement the Texture of slate is very soft and creamy. With the first application gives a smooth, crisp line with no lumps or voids. Pencil immediately gives a bright color and re-layering is not required. By the end of the day, the shade fades a little, but this behavior I noticed only “Sparkling grey”. Brown does not change their brightness throughout time for centuries. Despite the fact that the stylus becomes blunt after the first use, I easily spend a thin line, short side.
Resistance Sisley Phyto-Khol Star Waterproof is phenomenal! Throughout the day he will slide a millimeter. Shade pencil in a light mist will not work. First, it immediately engages tightly with the skin, and secondly, as much as I tried to “smooth” the line, the intensity of the color didn’t change. Sisley Phyto-Khol Star Waterproof is truly waterproof pencil intractable moisture. You can remove it only by using the means for removing makeup. To cite an obvious example.
In this photo, I held the hand under the strong pressure of water (here it is gray!, which is manifested in the electric light).
Then forcefully held the cotton pad to pencils 2 times. In the end, the pillow remained almost pure, and a shade of gray only slightly blurred tail.
Next, I once held the hand a disk with the tool for removing eye make-up.
The photo shows that from the first time pencil is almost gone. But I showed an example on the bare skin, but when Sisley Phyto-Khol Star Waterproof plotted on the right place, have a little Tinker. Glittery particles get stuck in migracyjna space and if you delete spread throughout the area around the eyes.

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In decorative cosmetics Sisley includes phytochemicals. For Allergy sufferers, this fact may not always have a positive impact (judging by itself). But the pencil did not cause any irritation or watery eyes. Glitter does not scratch lids and is absolutely not noticeable when removed.

Then it will show a pencil in the makeup. I usually fill only the space between the lashes, but this time, for clarity, drew the likeness of the hands:
In my opinion, glitter makes the eyes look more open and alive.
Can’t look at the sun. I want to cry

Brown shade applied on the lower and upper eyelids.
In conclusion: the glow is now in Vogue and Sisley with its perfect all the characteristics of glittery pencils easily fit into this flow. Super durability, water colors and good behavior made my makeup quick and easy.

Price: 2200 roubles apiece
Rating: 5

Until next time!

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