Skin like pearls. At what cost? Base makeup Sensai Brightening Make-up Base

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Impulse purchase made me the possessor of a real “storm” among the bases for makeup….

To the choice of base makeup I’m very responsible: I can come to the store to try, take the test at home again to try to read the reviews 100 times to think about the purchase and finally purchase. Why? My skin doesn’t love layering in any of its manifestation and between a powder and a nice light base for makeup with tint effect, I choose something easy, awesomee.

With a base under make-up SENSAI was a sudden “to think I will not buy” love first zatista. But love is blind….

Base was in a cardboard box, designed in the corporate style SENSAI. My heart raced minimalist ????.

The base itself is in the bottle made of heavy plastic with metal effect.

In six months of use nothing has worn off, not wrinkle. Even scratches on the cover appeared, despite the fact that the basis I used relatively frequently – 1-2 times a week. The product did not lose its marketability for such a long period of time, which is nice. This quality of performance, for example, cosmetics, D&G can not boast — after a couple of months all my sweets Yes blush acquired the look frankly shabby and not “Gabrovski” ????

Briefly about the dispenser. Your one-stop spout. Tight pressure, allowing you to squeeze out a tiny bit. Not spits. Working properly. No complaints.

Now on to the worst, why I shudder and fear every time a base was applied on the face.

Inadvertently, the rush of neobodrannoy the purchase I began to understand composition. I don’t even look at him!

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What is there in the forefront? Methyl trimethicone !

Solvent, conditioning for the skin and hair, gives hair Shine, lubricity component.
May cause irritation on the skin.

Hydrogenated polydecene….

Softening component, conditioning the skin and hair linking component.
May cause irritation of the skin. Accumulates in the body. Pollute the environment.


The solvent adjusts the viscosity, flavor.
May cause irritation to skin and eyes.

And so on and so forth… And it’s my sensitive to everything and all the skin inflammation which can occur from the breeze. The first line of the composition consist exclusively of the components that can lead to skin irritation ! Day to day database application I definitely would not recommend….

Let’s Swatch view?

The light of day.

The base has a peachy-pink shade. Shimmer so fine that the eye virtually invisible.

The light of day.

The base has more than obvious illumination effect.

The light of day.

The distribution of the skin a pink tint base strongly goes inwhite and pearl.

The light of day.

For consistency the base is pretty tight, but in the distribution of melts due to the heat of your fingers.

Aroma is very light, almost elusive beauty. When applied on the face not felt at all.

Let’s see in action this beast? Yes, part of what !

The light of day.

Thus, the skin of “Nude”, applied only a moisturizer. There is a slight redness, there is some unevenness of tone.

Apply the base of the fingers.

The light of day.

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Voila! Redness niveliruya, the skin shone. The tone is more even. The skin looks more groomed. Vulgar oily sheen no. Now, note the cheekbones – If you don’t feather the base, run the risk of become the owner white streaks on the skin as well as obvious differences in skin color of the face and neck. The base has webalive effect.


Caused base layer thicker, a little hammering fingers. Solo with such an application the base perfectly to behave in the role of a highlighter.

It’s all a version of “closer”. In real life, at a normal distance, Your skin no one will be looking at with a magnifying glass, the base creates a gorgeous effect sleek, shining skin.

Daylight at the window.

To summarize.

Base I used as I described above, 1-2 times a week solo for six months: from February to mid summer. The maximum wear time was 8 hours. During this time I have 2 times used oil blotting sheets, re-database is not applied, this was not necessary. Even in Moscow the heat of the base acted on the “5+” — not a tech person it looked like. No sense of a mask or in the winter cold, under the clear summer sun.

On my face in regular mode had pimples, small inflammations. Strengthen them I didn’t notice, but then dare to add a big BUT. I very carefully cleansing micellar water, Refa, gel cleanser — my companions for the morning and evening. I imagine quite scary that in this part could be with the skin, if I hit database every day, and even under concealer with setting powder. The composition forces you to think and things to do.

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The effect, in my humble opinion, the base creates a chic and comparable only with the base Tom Ford. Talk about it later. Whether the effect of such risk? You Decide ????

Volume: 30 ml.

Price: 2884 ruble ( currently with discount )

Rating: 4.

PS And what makeup base You love and fear?

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