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This fall, Shiseido has relaunched its line of color cosmetics. To begin acquaintance with new products, I decided on the lipstick, because in previous editions it fondant texture stamps found most successful.

The day to matte texture the hand is not stretched, the choice fell on the gel lipsticks in shades 220 Red Lantern (Red lantern) and 227 Sleeping Dragon (Sleeping dragon).

Not like to describe the packaging but because Shiseido has updated them too, perhaps, it makes sense to say of them a few words.

In recent years we are accustomed to trend on respect for nature, minimalist packaging and the reduction of costs for cardboard boxes that are still flying into the trash. Shiseido this surprise box lipstick has become much more inside lipstick additionally Packed in a silver wrapper, sealed at both sides. Looks like a chocolate bar.

Boxes of lipsticks looks and feels very nice: cool matte black plastic with red insert. Japanese aesthetics as it is. Stick thin, leaves a smoother nowhere.

I knew that once the texture of the claimed gel, it will have the appropriate characteristics, especially the softness. In fact, the reality exceeded my expectations, the texture slivochnie than butter. Very gentle, gentle to the delicate skin of the lips. I have over 50 lipsticks, I can say that Shiseido gel according to the degree of softness is unparalleled.

However, and this coin turned out to be 2 sides. This softness has led to the fact that the sticks of lipsticks injured from the lightest touch of anything: a brush for lipstick, fingers skin. After the first use the edges of the sticks were crushed.

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Both lipstick without fragrance.

Consider the shades…

Shade 220 Red Lantern

Shade “Red lantern” is a bright warm red. The stick can be caught a barely noticeable Golden blotches. On the lips they are not visible, the color looks uniform. Inclusions give color depth.

Lipsticks in bright shades require a pencil. On the lips with a certain relief and are prone to leaking will escape the loop. For me it’s a pain. Pencils don’t like to feel them on the lips and during the day, while the lipstick on the lips, accentuated by the drier loop is annoying.

Due to all of the same mega-soft texture is easily lubricated from the almost weightless touch.

In the photo the lipstick applied without the pencil

Shade “Red lantern” not plesivec, evenly distributed, easily glides on the lips. The bright pigment covers the native hue of the lips at first touch. In the overlaying does not need. Vitality — about two and a half hours.

Lunches and snacks is not going through. May be a little blur even from water. Prints of leaves.

The pros and cons of Shiseido VisionAiry Gel Lipstick 220 Lantern Red

— creamy texture, gentle, does not happen
— lies exactly
bright beautiful color
— registration
— requires pencil
— lubricated
after 1-2 applications of lipstick in the stick looks messy

2400₽цена6/10оценка14 days 3P/nudeleisaibens

Shade 227 Sleeping Dragon

“Sleeping dragon” I had pinned great hopes. When zatista it seemed to me the more interesting of the red light. The dragon absorbed a brownish-pinkish-plum notes. I love such things.

Both colors in comparison with each other:

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Red lantern — top, a Sleeping dragon at the bottom

Imagine my disappointment when I realized that to apply this gorgeous gel softest texture without holes is impossible. Perhaps the matter is in the color (“Red lantern” wasn’t acting the shrew as “Dragon”), but the fact remains: the lip color looks exactly. If the lips are closed, either on the top or on the bottom color floats.

Below is a photo taken after 1 minute after application. And no, I wasn’t trying to paint lips on the run. I’ve re-painted twice, because the first time was even worse. On the upper lip stains are clearly visible, the outline is already slightly lubricated, though no one touched it, except for the tassels at the time of drawing.

Durability — no more than 2 hours. The contour pencil is required.

The color I like, he is calm, deep, autumn color of wisdom. Behavior on lips, alas… makes the look of this lipstick is without illusions and enthusiasm. About it will not work just forget it, causing the morning before sekala. It can be worn “in the short run”, a companion for the whole working day, presumably, not be.

The pros and cons of Shiseido VisionAiry Gel Lipstick 227 Sleeping Dragon

— tender texture
— deep, beautiful autumn-winter shade
— design — requires special attention during application, it is difficult to pack without propleshin
— at the closing of the lips color floats
the circuit is easy to run away, you want a pencil
— after 1-2 uses lipstick in the stick looks messy

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2400₽цена4/10оценка14 days 4P/nudeleisaibens

To be honest (the first color), it seemed to me that in such a comfy texture as VisionAiry Gel will look better pale, beige or nadowa pink shades.

With the “Red lantern” and “Sleeping Dragon” is the most tender texture in the world played a cruel joke. Alloy great powerful sverhslojnoe pigmentation and texture makes the lipstick “mobile”, hence the divorce and vybiranie for the circuit.

I would be grateful, if in comments you share the opinion about this lipstick in other shades.


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