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Tell us a little about the palette that I bought spontaneously after a beautiful review on the.. If you are interested in beautiful and decent palette, you are invited to visit 🙂 Inside you will find sooooo many photos.

Initially, I want to say thank you tootsie_roll, it was her post about this palette encouraged me to pay attention to it. No, nothing bad against Smashbox I have not, but I somehow didn’t even look in their direction. And, as it turned out, in vain…

So, today’s hero — Smashbox Eye Palette Cover Shot: Punked

Let’s start with the wrapper 🙂 the palette Itself is plastic, Packed in a cardboard box where you repeated the name of shades and composition. Back palettes also written the names, but inside the no names (slightly uncomfortable). Inside the palette the worst of distorting mirror, so I suggest not even to peel off the protective film ????

The palette satin shade 3 and 5 are completely matte shades, due to the difference in the textures part of them is also different:

By the way, the palette texture outside is very interesting, changes its pattern depending on the angle of view.

Let’s look at the shades inside.

Let’s start with the left Quad, the Swatch applied in one stroke:

Headliner (horizontal shade)-pale pink satin

then from left to right

Anarkissed — light pink

Soft Punch — calm gray — purple

Destroyer — light taupe

Right four:

Punked — grey-purple dark

Studded — cool grey satin

Riot Girl — rich purple satin

Combat Boots — black

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In texture the shadows are the softest, because of this, the palette appears very quickly the dust from the shades, especially if you score them with a fluffy brush.

Resistance the standard for me to remove on the basis of ArtDeco. The shades are very easy to shade and mix with each other, it is very difficult to make “dirt”.

Let’s see the palette in action? Options that I like the most.

Option 1. This is the option for me easy and casual.

Anarkissed on the eyelid and under the eyebrow, Soft Punch in the crease (here I want to note that this shade was incredibly appropriate for prorisovany folds), Studded on all mobile eyelid, Punked for darkening outer corner of the eye.

Hand painted a shade of brown Inglot eyeliner gel #90, on the eyebrow shadow Eyebrow Styling Kit I liked and gel from Art-Visage.

Macro photo. You can see how exactly are the shades

Option 2

Very easy. Anarkissed on the eyelid and under the eyebrow, Soft Punch in the crease, Headliner on the mobile eyelid.

Option 3

Anarkissed underneath the eyebrows and in the crease Punked, on the eyelid — Riot Girl.

4 option

This coupled with the makeup palette theBalm NUDE ‘dude. Anarkissed on the eyelid, in the crease Soft Punch, the outer corner darkened by the shade Punked,Flirty palettes from theBalm and all eyelid.

5 option

Anarkissed on the eyelid, Soft Punch in the crease and Punked too in the crease, Combat Boots on all mobile eyelid, and the top is still black and Studded. Different angles can look through some new green tide..

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Price: 1990 rubles with a maximum discount

Rating: 5

As a result, reticulation fully lived up to my expectations: what is appropriate for me hints that its quality (this is my first acquaintance with the firm), and a very acceptable price.

Thanks to this diverse combination of textures and colors shades in one palette, it guarantees a lot of makeup options. And I still will be convenient to take it with you, during any of the trips.

The only negative, as I wrote above, is that the shades dust, and as the plastic palettes will have to watch more closely than usual.

It seems that the brand Smashbox worthy of more attention ????

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