Smashbox mascara – Full Exposure and SuperFan

I wonder if the girl who found my perfect mascara? I think the perfect man is easier to find))

Over the past few years I have tried dozens of different mascaras, found, I think, three very good ones that could be repeated, but… I did not repeat, and continue to try everything new.

I recently learned new products Smashbox today and tell you about them in detail.

And first on my eyelashes. As if they are there, you just don’t see them)) of Medium length, thin, has a small bend imperceptible. Have some work to do.

Because in makeup I prefer to allocate most of the eyes, and mascara prefer to choose often voluminous, so that helped to highlight the look.

Smashbox promised that I should like this)) let’s See!

Start with bright mascara — Smashbox Super Fan

The mascara is designed to lengthen to give the volume of lashes and to create a panoramic effect. All her promises are right on the package — you have eyelash and hop — there are webs.

Brush silicone. I have always loved, but about 2 years ago, something went wrong and now I am their ardent fan, and buy mascara in 90% of it with silicone brushes. As a rule, they carefully combed through and paint over the lashes. Here is a very comfortable shape, the size of the bristles, and the size of the brush.

Here’s a star out of the bristles. Mascara on the brush moderately, there is no opportunity to get dirty.

Bristles of different lengths, are fairly often that allows to efficiently paint over the lashes.

Mascara was at first a little liquid, and she will need a little time to paint, to show the volume. The length and separation it gives from the first time. To be honest, I haven’t met. Usually my lashes more than once in a pile, then I saw how much more they can be. Well, the effect of volume lashes.

Mascara in the photo in 2 layers. She layered it perfectly. Does not stick lashes in bundles that do not weigh down them on the tips. Brush does not stain the eyelid. Held up fine during the day — no flaking, not printed on the eyelid, not smeared under the eyes (as is the case with the novelty of Chanel). Just rinse any washroom. But it is necessary to be careful if you decide to roar. Recently I was on well, very fun party where everyone was laughing to tears and colic, so that ink yeah, let’s go. Although the snow and wind in the eye can withstand without problems.

A great mascara for every day, office option.

Smashbox Full Exposure

This mascara gives volume and makes lashes fluffy — well, we promise.

The brush is a classic brush. Just great. Although there are brushes and more)) has such Unusual coloring, but where we did not disappear.

The brush is very correct form, such a classic, mascara on her again the optimal number, it is not necessary to remove the excess on the neck and there is no risk to get dirty in her ears. The consistency of the mascara a little thicker than the previous.

This mascara I too at first was worn only 2 layers — so there is the usual amount. Like this:

Ink well superimposed, but on a very macro picture of a visible small lumps on eyelashes. But it and macro photos. In a General way, they certainly are not noticeable.

Here, for example:

But I also decided to show you how the mascara looks in one layer. It turned out quite well, see for yourself, it’s just a song. Such smooth eyelashes:

But in a General way in this case, volume is a little smaller.

So, about Full Exposure. Just fine brush separates the lashes and great for their parts. Compared to the SuperFan gives more volume which is noticeable in makeup, especially in 2 layers. Evening makeup is perfect (well, if you don’t like direct doll lashes). Also gives more curve to my lashes, like raising and locking them in that position. Despite the 2 layers of the coating does not feel heavy. This mascara is not necessary to paint, it immediately has the desired consistency. Despite the layering does not effect spider legs (I was afraid).

During the day it behaves perfectly, without criticism — not showered, not smeared under the lower eyelid, is not imprinted. Removed easily even micellar water. Also not waterproof and if you are going from the heart to laugh or to go to a wedding, it is better not to cry. Although it is also a well is experiencing bad weather.

Comparison of brushes. Have Full Exposure seems quite large, but the Super Fan is so tiny.

Be beautiful!

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