Smells good through the flop sweat

FizKult-Privet! Want to raise a rather intimate question.

In the gym you’ve seen people with an unpleasant odor due to sweat, and sometimes during cardio some of us were”fragrant” shirakami. The problem is that even very good deodorant protects specific places, e.g., armpits,, and, but intense stress sweating all over the body.

Perfume or perfumed water is also not always saved or they smell, or very bright — when heated and in contact with then start issuing unexpected variations of the smell and if we add to this the smell of sweaty forms, it is best to wear a respirator.

So I want to tell you a hack how to do shock and to adequately smell. It is quite simple and fits into 3 words:

Perfume for hair

I opened the topic of perfume for the hair, when he came to the store for perfume and fell in love with Byredo La Tulipe, but toilet water was not available. Then I decided to buy a perfume for the hair, the more it cost much cheaper than spirits.

At first I was disappointed: the smell of the hair was not as deep and Tulip, like the spirits, but in the gym perfume for hair Byredo La Tulipe for me to open the chakras all the charm:

  • A dedicated fragrance for hair in the gym, more intelligent and effective “scores” smells than perfume — perfume for the hair ringing the train in motion and it “covers” odors in a large radius, while it is not as loud sounds.
  • Static perfume for hair has a faint fragrance that is not distracting and will not cause headache
  • The sound of the hair perfume is predictable: he was on the blotter and on the hair, smells the same. It’s boring during the day, but on the other hand, there will be surprises, which give perfume, when I smell when in contact with sweat or when the temperature of the body.
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    After this discovery, I began to purposefully use the perfumes for hair to the gym. In addition to La Tulipe from Byredo I’ve tried:

    • Jo Malone Star Magnolia — not very long lasting on the hair lasts less than an hour. Unfortunately, by.
    • Xerjoff Casamorati Lira — suitable for those with a sweet tooth. Very bright gourmand accord, vanilla very bright, very bomber durability and… very out of place in the gym is to drop calories and smell like candy… it’s cruel to themselves and to others.
    • Byredo Flowerhead — white flowers and a bit of wood, technical characteristics (resistance train). I prefer La Tulipe, but Flowerhead is also is on the shelf and sometimes a hand reaches for it.

    As a result, I became a fan of perfumes for hair Byredo.

    Let us tell you more about your pet.

    Perfume for hair La Tulipe from Byredo Hair Perfume

    Pyramid: Top notes: freesia, cyclamen, ravensridge notes: tulpenmanie notes: woody notes, vetiver, green notes

    For me the brightest sounding notes of green leaves and honey scent of flowers warmed by the sun. If you sit in the end of may on a warm bench under a blossoming cherry tree, and fades near the flowerbed with tulips. “Tulip in the heart of the pyramid” is a very accurate designation. For delicate veil of freesia and cyclamen is a slight hint of Tulip.

    Due to the flower scent was very feminine, but the greens and make Tulip La Tulipe easy and may fresh, relevant sounds for a walk and to the gym.

    Composition and th

    And here is the deception. In the description of this perfume for the hair on many sites stated “contains no alcohol” or “do not harm your hair as it does NOT contain alcohol”… but let’s spell the truth in the face.

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    The composition opens…Alcohol…

    Despite the alcohol content, the negative effects of perfume on hair I did not notice, and dirty hair at the same rate as usual.

    Haze smell lasts on the hair all day. Perhaps it would hold more, but I rinse my hair every day with water and in the evening after a workout, definitely my head with shampoo, so the maximum resistance measure can’t.


    Term of use — more than a year

    Price — about 4500 rubles

    Rating is 5.

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