“Smoky” Orchid eye shadows Tom Ford eye color quad “13 Orchid Haze”

Another palette from the Maestro.


After a very successful meet interesting palette TF “Nude Dip”, it was decided to try a classic powdery the shadows of the brand. Without hesitation the choice fell on the palette in a favorite pink-and-purple scheme.

The packaging is alsobeautiful:

I still do not understand modtone shades: Swatch on the Internet, they seemed to me to be definitely “cold”. But in real life I would not have said).

Eyeshadow palette four shades: two satin and two matte.

The only drawback: the shadow of dust in the brush. All brushes with hard bristles, it is better to postpone, they’re just gonna smash these soft shadows. But during application and during wear the shadows do not crumble.

The sponges that are in the kit, I do not use.

Show all the shades closer. The shadows applied without a base:

All shades have excellent pigmentation.

Satin, of course, not as shiny as in “Nude Dip”.

The most brilliant is the first, the lightest shade.

Matte shade without any problems. Even the darkest plum shade is not “plesivec” and a wonderfully shaded, which surprised me.

The resistance of the base before de-make-up (worn 10 hours).

The shade is not bright, great for daytime use.

I really like this “muted” colors after annoying numerous palettes with nuclear crimson, brown and orange.

And I don’t mean the pigmentation. Again, the shadows are perfectly pigmented.

I mean the impurity of the shade “dust” all four shades because of what they look very “soft”.

I got three makeup with this palette:



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3. Tonight:


The result: the shade I liked.

But not as crazy hard as palette “Nude Dip”. This palette will still be “simpler”. In other words: just a good, high-quality shadows. The colors and texture here is not unique. Sure counterparts you can find a bunch. And to pay or not to pay 6.5 thousand for the palette — is up to each of us😊

But the plans still worth buying the palette “Seductive Rose” because of the famous Ford’s brilliant toppers-“pollen”.

Shades are made in Italy.

Weight: 10 grams

Rating: 5 (quality and performance).

4 — my personal assessment.

Cost: cost me with a discount for 4 665 rubles Without discounts was 6500 RUB.😬

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