“Smoky plum”. Lipstick “Anastasia Beverly Hills matte lipstick” in the shade “Dusty Mauve”

Hello! Today I want to show the most comfortable matte lipstick in a beautiful “autumn” shade.

This is my first acquaintance with the lipsticks Anastasia. Preferably, the choice fell on the classic line of sticks.

Let’s start with the packaging: cardboard, soft touch rubberized. Lipstick in a thick, heavy, plastic case. I do not like to describe the packaging, the more detail, but this time it should be noted that it is good, very good made.

Inside was a leaflet with full information and the composition of all shades of this line:

Lipstick is absolutely matte. The website describes the entire line as “lipstick with rich pigment and velvety, ultra-matte formula is easy to apply and flawless “lies”.

In the range of 36 shades, I chose shade “Dusty Mauve”, which is the same office. the website looks like this:

Show lipstick in “real life” in the daylight:

Swatch, daylight (one layer):

The lipstick is heavily pigmented. One layer gives a dense, rich color coverage without holes. In stick lipstick, it looks a little dry and seems to be very tight, but on the lips when applied, it begins to melt and “slide”. Color, in my opinion, requires a pencil and a very bold lip contour for me personally its hard to apply without it.

And on the lips. Lipstick applied in a single layer and without a pencil:

General view from the window:

In the sun, the lipstick looks lighter:

Lipstick I liked. Most of all because she is not felt on the lips. This despite the fact that it is matte. With this lipstick I forget that all the lips painted.

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Lipstick is not sticky, lip does not stick, does not dry completely, but can accentuate flaking. Wear without balm/hygienicke.

About resistance: supertoinette is nowhere stated, but “survive” a light snack, tea/coffee facilities. Lipstick ugly goes from the middle of the lips, leaving only the rim. I completely clean it with a cloth and re-apply.

Lipstick is odorless. At all. Appreciate dekorativku, which is not food smells.

I decided to continue the acquaintance with this lipstick and the next time ordering you take even two of any shade.

Weight: 3.5 g

Made in China.

Period of use: July 2018.

Cost: at the time of purchase 1 370 RUB.

Rating: 5.

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