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Prior experience with the brand Bath and Body Works I was basically all the same kind of soap hanging on my shower))) Now only BBW.

Opinion on soap is pretty specific to me. It would seem that special something? Well soap, and…? But Bath and Body Works all products and incredibly flavorful, and incredibly beautiful β€” not only hygiene, but also joy for the eyes πŸ™‚ So I decided to show off their meager supply of soapy foam.

A small supply of Soaps Bath and Body Works

Actually, I would not do the stocks, if not for the price and unavailability. Second, in principle, the problem is not much. Although officially the brand in Ukraine is not presented, however, if Google is not banned, find products is not a problem. Problem is the price β€” and we’re back to the first “if”.

$ 6.5 is a bit, speaking of lipstick, a palette of shadows, mascara etc to pay 6.5 dollars for hand soap… (even delivery from abroad, the bottle-not the easiest). 3 years ago I would myself do not understand πŸ˜€ In Ukraine sell soap for $ 5.5 and higher (5,5 β€” this is at least what I saw). So do the stocks on sale, when the soap at the office.the website for 2.8 to 3 bucks.

Why did I love him?


On the website dazzled in hand immediately β€” just suuuuuch a variety of vials: bright, shiny, pretty, sleek β€” for every taste. Every season a new batch of seasonal designs.

Concise, though not show β€” the flavors do not come together)

Basically, I choose the first bottle, and then read the descriptions of fragrances and drop those that are not interesting to me.


A diamond vial in the sink is not more than, for example, round. But in the Cabinet where they become very compact or in a row (as in first photo), or “a bunch”

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Then I’ll tell you about the pump. First, it locks when necessary: he simply turns the head in front. Second, it is wide and therefore you have to click not on the narrow pimpochku and a vast area of the pump(just can’t looking palm to slam in a hurry). Well, soap it allows you to dose as needed.


In General, this is the main argument in the choice of products BBW or some other brand. I’m certainly not the most advanced user, but is so varied, bright and sharp smell I have never met.

Generally speaking, the palette of smells, again, varied: citrus, woody, fruity, berry, fresh. There are a series of aromatherapy, but I suspect that I would not go, and I do not experiment. In addition, the odors stay long enough on the skin. The most persistent odors from sanitizers (used some on me to interrupt perfume), but the soap also smells pretty intense and long. It’s not for everybody, but I like it.

Go over the flavors that I have (“pyramid” smell β€” translation from specified on the vials). Then I I beg your pardon, because to perceive the individual notes. I never learned and even something simple apart, so I write the feelings…

  • Murshmallow Punpkin Latte Gentle Foaming Hand Soap: creamy pumpkin, warm praline, toasted marshmallow β€” a warm, cozy fragrance. The pumpkin I don’t really hear (though the perception of the flavors I have so-so). The smell of some fragrant pastries, cake or something.
  • Fresh Sparkling Snow Gentle Foaming Hand Soap: icy melon, pear and snow falling. Sweet, strong flavor. The melon can’t hear the pear hear β€” intensive, but it is not in itself a pear, with a touch of something sweet. The aroma is really sweet, but it’s not a warm scent type vanilla or baking, it’s cold.
  • Winter Gentle Foaming Hand Soap: spicy orange, fir balsam, clove. That was hard for me to understand this fragrance. The smell of true winter, even quite a new year, because it gives a zest of orange (not Mandarin) and slightly vaguely β€” something Christmas.
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the brace was an accident, but the smell was very cool

  • Cranberry Peach Gentle Foaming Hand Soap With Shea Extract: peaches, tart cranberry and Apple. Here, in principle, to add something hard β€” the smells and hear. Intense. I don’t know why the design of the winter, I winter fragrance doesn’t seem to peaches once more with the summer associate, and it is their I hear.
  • Black Cherry Merlot Gentle Foaming Hand Soap: a mix of dark cherry, black raspberry and Merlot. I hear sooooo heavy, very sweet cherry something alcoholic. No, not alcohol, but a heavy, suffocating smell of cherries. Cherry liqueur or cherry liqueur… the Smell of winter for me, summer can and strangle)
  • Frosted Cranberry Gentle Foaming Hand Soap: cranberry, red Apple and light wood. This soap with tea tree oil and this oil I hear (I don’t like it, so wherever it was β€” would kill all). The aroma is difficult to describe because of the oil, but for me it is winter.

In itself the soap β€” colored waters.

Composition is everywhere the same, except for the ending β€” that’s probably because of the different flavors and colors it is a little different. Sometimes there are some extracts


The foam in this case to be white but in very bright soap, for example, a dark shade of red, she barely gave pink. This portion gives the dispenser when fully depressed and that’s all I need hands up to the elbows to wash

From Bath and Body Works moisturizing soap and is in the form of a gel, and exfoliating. But they did not like me. The foam washed off much faster, it does not slip on the hands (I often cat after a quick rinse of the hands) and quickly washed off from the skin. Plus the gel has a tendency to clog the spout. Well, exfoliating every day is not an option to use (especially several times a day).

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Regarding the cleanse β€” tone I mixed on the back of the hand and apply on the face, too; his remains with hand soap washes away. Greasy, sticky also washed off easily (if the grease is not grease or oil after replacing the motor). Removes unpleasant odours (herring and others like her), and it removes, not temporarily interrupted or can be mixed with them.

Care this foam does not, so to talk about any kind it’s skin benefits is not necessary. Although the manufacturer says with aloe and vitamin E. it is Much more important that the soap does not dry the skin; even in winter, when the hands due to cold weather can mercilessly peel off (prefer to wear gloves in your pocket or bag, not on the hands…) β€” soap does not worsen the situation.

And if dekorativku and many agents such as creams buy because of the beautiful packaging β€” it is worse than soap, especially since it smells gorgeous and is doing his job at 100 πŸ™‚

convenient dispenser
friendly format pentecostalist brand
prices without discounts are not the lowest

6,5$Ρ†Π΅Π½Π°10/10ΠΎΡ†Π΅Π½ΠΊΠ°3 years, 7R/danapalooza skin Type: Normal skin, without any problems

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