Society SkinTRUST creates standard tools for daily skin care

Society SkinTRUST launches a new global standard, which stipulates that consumers should have the ability to make informed medical decisions about cosmetics and daily care products skin.

The society is chaired by an independent multidisciplinary Board of physicians, consisting of dermatologists, allergists, immunologists, paediatricians and clinical researchers who are neutral to any brand of skin care. Thus, the cosmetic product will be the collective assessment of the group of experts.

Dermatologists, who are the founders of SkinTRUST claim that no regulatory or independent bodies that provide impartial, harmonized standards, consumers do not have the ability to verify claims or to determine carefully whether the companies check their products. This situation prompted the society to develop a comprehensive standard that requires reliable research to substantiate product safety and efficacy.

According to the web site of the society, Certified SkinTrust is the first comprehensive global standard for cosmetics and everyday products for skin care. Certification requires companies to provide reliable studies of safety and effectiveness to justify the characteristics of their products.

Product evaluation will occur in the parameters of efficacy and safety, which are characteristic of each characteristic of cosmetics, and claimed method steps. All studies must meet ethical and scientific certification standards SkinTrust. In addition, the products will be revised annually to include new medical, scientific data, or to reflect changes in the composition of the products.

“We encourage people worldwide to join our movement, asking brand whose beauty products are available in stores to provide their products in society SkinTRUST for certification, says Brenda, Balaraman, the founder of the Society. – It’s time to eliminate guesswork from the selection process of the product and to take control of knowing whether products are adequately tested for safety and effectiveness.”

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