SODA or the tears of a unicorn. How to find a pearl in the bright brand?

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Hello!???? Today I would like to observe a few products from SODA and see what lies behind the bright and beautiful packaging. Are we to expect from them quality or pass? Will share their experience, welcome to the post!????

Brand, to be honest, I’ve noticed random. Went to Letual and saw a stand with something new, but still in a nice design. Looking ahead and if understand correctly, the company puts products. Coincidentally, that gauge my mood was just on the marshmallow-sweet (still braided cornrows, the very spirit of the rainbow)???? I had a certificate and decided to try new. The product testers all had a good laugh. The price is also quite affordable.

Selected 4 funds:

Unicorn Mascara #rainbowrave (non-mascara)

Matte Lip Liquid #matteaboutyou (liquid matte lipstick)

Eyeliner #guyliner (liquid eyeliner)

Shiny Top Coat #sparklethedayaway (Shine top lipsticks)

The beauty is, sending into the world of warm cocoa with marshmallows. ???? That the euphoria was after purchase, so inspired! And then came the real test… ???? I looked up information on the brand, found the reviews and they were very sad. Then I was not impressed, because for every product there are different experiences. Well, began to try for yourself.

Soda Matte Lip Liquid #matteaboutyou

Price: 429 ₽

In the range of 14 kinds of shades, from creativity to “Nude”, which I just took — 011 Say My Name. Yes, I decided to begin with the lighter colors, often concentrate on the eyes and lighter shade comes in handy to me in the images.

Start with switch:

The color looks very nice, bright enough to be pink. Kind of a marshmallow! Well, time Swatch on the lips… Ready?

Personally, I don’t! I was not ready for that… Nervous laughter when you look in the mirror. I know you to look unpleasant, but even worse is to see for yourself ????

To begin with, that this is not my first matte lipstick. Yes, I understand that in this category there are products not. But not too much right? It is poorly applied, thin layer, thicker — still some bald spots, or worse — clumps… I really don’t like negativity in the direction of cosmetics, but this quality? For that amount you can get two matte lipsticks from Belarusian producers, who will only please the owner. Very disappointing ????

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And the feeling of lipstick on your lips when it dries… Like sand or something. Comfort zero.

The only option fixtures — to put on top of that, I did so with the pigment from Tammy Tanuka Overcame Rainbow Bay. Just stuffed from the top and lock make-up over the past. Because of the retainer as time and resistance is normal, it is safe to walk. My old version:

Another thing, isn’t it? At least closed with a bald head. But to buy a lipstick, then it is something else to put… Oh!

Rating: 1 a color? Honestly, can’t adequately evaluate the failed product of my purchases in recent years… Take it or not — You decide. I have not got and advise are not taken accurately.

Soda Eyeliner #guyliner

The price on the website: 359 ₽

In the range of 14 shades. The choice fell on a pink tone 011 PHARRELL .

I will say that the shape of the brush I have eyeliner very much. I love the slim options because most of the eyeliner I go for a shooter.

Eyeliner is liquid and watery. Yes, because of this, it is not dry, apply quite convenient. Did not notice that it was cracked on the skin, if feel with your finger, the texture is pleasant. But not without drawbacks. As water it has a lot of the feelings, suffering tone. I’d like to see it more bright, for my taste she looked a bit pale, like the more clear color. Maybe it would be tight, and the pigment in her open brighter.

Why I would like a brighter and denser eyeliner. Because of the General view, perhaps. In the shadows she is eaten. To see more of the tips of the arrows. It looks something like this, another summer. I wasn’t kidding about the mood for marshmallows and other mercy ???? And on the lips too Soda, another product.

Rating: 4 a bit of a stretch. Something lacked in it, the idea is good and the brush is very convenient. Will not really quite surly ????

Soda Shiny Top Coat #sparklethedayaway

Price: 389 ₽

Shade available in 5 variants. I have a 002 BUBBLE GUM CLOUDS. The light did not take on the tester liked the pinkish tone.

The product is stated as a top coating for the lips, with the ability to use solo. As the top of the lipstick I initially had not considered. Honestly, I liked its light and delicate pink radiance with a slightly bluish-purple sheen and sparkles. They are very small, the camera does not capture.

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On the lips the tint is not noticeable, apparently with the native pigment lip merges. But there is a very slight shimmer ???? In texture, thick, viscous. The stickiness is. You know, reminded me of the balms from my childhood! Loved to buy a thick lip sequined ???? Inspired by fond memories), And because of this consistency of very good coats the lips that I often not at its best due to the thin skin. With baking Soda after applying immediately look civilized and good. This balm became my nydam under images when long painted eyes, tired and quickly put the lipstick on. As the saying goes “your home, only better.” Looks almost unnoticed, but there is no form of dry lips.

Rating: 5! I have this lip balm only positive impressions. Yes, you can reasonably ask whether such a transparent product at this price? Well, take it or not — always chooses everyone for itself. Find cheaper, but you can stop the choice on this glitter ????

Soda Unicorn Mascara #rainbowrave

Price: 289 ₽

The mascara is presented in 6 variants. Without hesitation I chose 005 FEELING FRESH. It’s the color of Hatsune Miku ????

Such bright and true to color unicorns ???? In a couple of the pink eyeliner, it’s just yum!

Colored mascara is not often I use borrowed images or for the lower lashes, so is not less interesting effect. On arrival home immediately began to test and as I remember, was not particularly impressed with the look of your lashes… Color is awesome! But the texture of mascara kind of heavy, not like dried out, no, something else. Itself is solid.This is where could use some extra liquid pink eyeliner ???? Although the combination — wow)

To cover color the eyelashes need a few layers, one can not cope. Mascara totally lengthens the lashes, not making them bulky especially ???? They are cumbersome and layers of really felt. As false eyelashes by weight, approximately. In the life of just less for practicality and comfort, although, again, for the sake of image I can overlook certain flaws. But the hand is rarely stretched to paint all the lashes, the conclusion asks himself?

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These lashes are good in images, reminds me of a frozen frosty frost. Yes, this mascara will fit. Or, for a complete image, where makishi photo eyes and will not see minuses. For the price this is the cheapest product from my today’s list and someone might think that for this price there was nothing to wait for. Well, let’s say, price is a subjective question, and the quality may surprise you and expensive, and cheap.

Well, it will show the image in the end, once they started it. I must say, on taste and color ???? I love the unusual, and unnecessary to show the ink will not.

Association with frost defeated mascara and proudly went on eyebrow! If there are fans of creative — here is your option)

Rating: 3 — from the position of the carcass 4 with a stretch — position means of the images. The color is gorgeous, but the indicators… You get my point. The saddest Unicorn tear rolled down his cheek because of the mascara… ???? Hope was great!

Summarize and collect thoughts in a heap.

Concept, ideas, colours, designs — gorgeous! Yes, some consider them more for the youth, and let. An attempt to bring a piece of magic and bright colors.

Implementation and specifications — has somewhat clouded. Coming from concauses and bald (sorry) lipstick is very thick eyelashes in the light collect about ourselves is the opinion that bright shades are a sign of carelessness, and of the very young or even childish. Say, the quality is so bright people do not need another, the wind in the head and in the euphoria smear anything. ???? Question of accuracy, sloppy cosmetics annoying everyone.When the brightness is harmonious, approval meet more often.

Again, because of the skills you can beat different products, but everything has its limits. Well, there are normal products of the brand, but in the end, dual…

All beautiful images! ???? And let’s have no undue negative about the concept of the brand, in fact, again on taste and color ???? Do with pleasure.

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