Soda ultra tubing mascara #001 mermaidsmascara shade mermaid kisses

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Soda ultra tubing mascara # 001 mermaidsmascara shade of mermaid kisses.

A volume of 8 ml, made in Germany.

To the stand of the brand Soda I probably would not have come, but my daughter literally forcibly brought to a bright marshmallow-vanilla stand with the words buy-buy! Asked it is certainly not the mascara… But I, having examined a range of, myself took a sample of it is the mascara that promised super durability in any extreme conditions, I especially liked the “Running in the rain. Pour champagne. She did it… This mascara will be with you until the last.”

Well, share your opinion!

Mascara in a pretty pink box, sold in a carton in the form of a straight triangular prism, inside the bonus stickers that immediately after the photo shoot took daughter.????

The mascara has a brush with soft fibers, small. She very quickly turns to paint and smudge the eyelids. Limiter the mascara is excellent — the neck is always clean.

Color — classic black.

The composition…

The mascara I’m almost out, and I can say that it’s more about lengthening and vitality. If you are looking for volume, bright, noticeable eyelashes, it is not to her.

Crawl brush, increasing the volume, it will not work — get stuck sticks sticking out in different directions. She needs to work fast, immediately setting direction and lengthening the lashes, mascara instantly sets and hardens. I have sparse eyelashes, so I have her to paint quickly and to get a good result — you can assess below. Snow, her tears will not catch, it does not crumble, is not imprinted. It is easily washed off with warm water ropes. This is the most hassle-free to remove ink from the discharge heat-resistant mascaras. Fast — no need to RUB the eye, the strings themselves “flies” from the eyelashes. Clean — no residue, no crumbs, not dark streaks — absolutely perfect.

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Mascara over time, its properties does not change, does not thicken, it just ends. ???? With daily use I have enough for 4 months.

Cool ink! ???? ???? ????

lashes without mascara…

Rating: 5!

Price: 389 RUB.

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