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Though about this palette much has already been said, but I can’t help but honor this beauty a few words. After all, if I was asked which product of all the makeup is your biggest love in 2018 — I would without any doubt say that, for me, this palette Soft Glam.

As you can see, the palette is made under the light color velvet and it is a small minus, because it sticks to everything from concealer, finishing cat’s fur. Well, it is pleasant to the touch)

The closure system is my favorite, but not the most reliable on the market.

The palette has a bilateral brush, not the way, the disgusting quality — the fluffy side is really prickly, but the flat brush is easy to apply metallics.

Reticulation is done in warm brown tones. Eyeshadow palette 9 matte shadow 2 light satin and three powerful Metallica.

Tempera is a cool color for anchoring the base, not smooth, but has a translucent shade;

Dusty Rose is a shade of dusty rose that I most often use for the crease;

Glistening and Fairy — honestly, I do not understand why the palette two such similar shades. Gold satin different degrees of heat. Compared to the metallics a little dry, but nevertheless move on to the eyelid very easily using a dry flat brush;

Orange Soda and Burnt Orange is also quite similar to Orange Soda seems a little razbelennye. Use to crease when I want a warmer makeup;

Rose Pink, Sultry and Bronze — it’s just the three stars of this palette. This stunning cream-oil metallics that are perfect lay flat brush, but if the brush is wet, then they will look on the eyelid shining foil;

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Sienna and Rustic red — brown ochre and warm brown shades, love them to do an initial darkening in the outer corner of the eye;

Cyprus Umber is a beautiful dark brown color with aplinkai, great for outdoor dimmable outer corner of the eye;

Mulberry — reddish shade with good pigmentation. Like the previous shade, I like to darken them to an external area;

Noir — black with great pigmentation, but sinning that he imprinted on century, to do with it, feathered the arrow.

The shadow with no base, applied with your finger

Minus the shadows are quite dusty, if you climb in them fluffy stiff brush from the kit, but the palette will spread a huge number of shadows. But even a soft brush of natural cloth make the shade dust.

Swatch with your finger and brush

The shadows are mega-pigmented, and it can be a little confusing. In my first use I generously scored dark brown in the brush, like you did with the shadows Too Faced and…, like a grease spot. Which, by the way, great restorefiles, but slightly scared me) Plus the shade is quite flying in the palette, and under the eyes, so I do so: datasus to refil, not rubbing it, shake off the excess with the brush and then apply eyeshadow on the eyelid — but even in this case, it is necessary to act carefully. This is not translucent Deluxe)

Well, a few looks in the end:)

Reddish Mulberry inflicted on the internal and external area, the center added Rose Pink and Glistening, the arrow has restorefile Noir.

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Favorite easiest option: shade Rustic make the first darkening the outer corner, smudged it into the crease of the eyelid, more active in dim area shade Umber Cyprus and on all mobile eyelid apply Bronze.

Another option from the simple — Burnt Orange in the crease and over the entire mobile eyelid — Sultry.

Black Smokey backless.

In daylight, the metallics look quite restrained, but in artificial light begins to unfold.

Summary: for me this palette is an absolute musk-have for every day. Shadows are different from anything I’ve tried before, and therefore demanded a couple of looks to them to adjust. But then I’m already more than half can’t make use of any charts yet — still involuntarily my hand reaches out to Anastasia.

Price: £43.00

Rating: 5+

Gorgeous pigmentation;
Easily get flustered;
Beautiful colors;
Cool oil metallics;
Urasaki great friends not only with your finger, but also with brushes.
Brand packaging;
Exceptionally warm gamma.

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