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Girls, Hello everyone)))

Today we will talk about the lipstick but rather a lip balm Catrice Volumizing Lip Balm.

This tool is available in six shades:

010 — Beauty-full lips

020 — Delight-full lips

030 — Wonder-full lips

040 — Grace-fuii lips

050 — Bliss-full lips

060 — Sin-fuul lips

I chose the most neutral, in my opinion, a variant — 010 Beauty-full lips.

Packing: cover of high quality plastic powder shade, the base is metal. On the obverse of the silver labels: product name, brand. Personally, I really love this delicate and feminine design. When using this balm feels girl-girl))

Content: a very standard stick — 3.5 g Balm has a pleasant aroma of sweet mint. The texture is very soft and creamy, contains shining particles. My shade is the lightest, so that when applied to slightly smooth the lips. After — there is a slight chill on the lips, in any case not hot and not itchy.

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Action: the balm contains Shea butter, so it moisturizes and nourishes lips. With him they look nourished and felt very comfortable.

The effect of lip augmentation, as such, I did not notice, but for me the action was not as paramount. I love lipstick in the form of various balms that felt as comfortable on the lips and give them a well-groomed appearance. So Volumizing Lip Balm and works.

Perhaps more striking members of the line will further give any tint of color, but I wanted it Ludowy option for every day, which can also be used as a base under lipstick.

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Resistance, of course, small. The balm absorbed into my lips for an hour and a half, and then I paint it again. I have very dry lips, especially in the cold season, therefore, this tool is for me a necessity. The balm helps me to avoid peeling and cracks on the lips, which can not but rejoice)))

Consumption is quite large. Due to its delicate texture, the balm melts easily upon contact with the lips. But, proceeding from budget cost, can be easily re-purchase if necessary)

At the end I want to mention that this balm could be attributed to the category of care products for lips: it moisturizes, nourishes lips, prevents peeling and cracks, is protective and just fun to use. If you are looking for a pleasant, but in a beautiful package at an affordable price, the lip Balm Catrice Volumizing Lip Balm you should like it)))

makeup in General:

Title: lip Balm, Volumizing Lip Balm

Manufacturer: Catrice made in Poland

Rating: 5

Price: 370 RUB

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