Solid shampoo “Moroccan double” Meela Meelo

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Good day!

I confess: I actually wrote this post, if not for the existing limit on review posts ๐Ÿ™‚ Although, in principle, wanted to talk about this solid shampoo for a long time, but somehow hands did not reach. In General, the stars aligned.

Solid shampoo “Moroccan double” Meela Meelo

Russian cosmetics Meela Meelo is known for its naturalness and effectiveness. Not without reason, by the way ๐Ÿ™‚ At least I mostly tested products was more than satisfied.

With a solid shampoo before this instance I was almost not familiar โ€” had only once the block Spivak, but I didn’t like, so this is my relationship with these things was over.

But about solid shampoos MM I’ve heard good things, so decided to take a chance again and chose to start the “Moroccan double.”

In General, for me this format is interesting for its uniqueness and originality, because I’m used to, like many, to the liquid. Although, in fact, solid shampoo, the same soap that just the same familiar.

The composition is quite concise, in contrast to the usual again. If you believe Google, kokoelmat sodium is really a milder surfactant than SLS and is allowed in certified organic cosmetics. But since I’m not a chemist and not even just knowledgeable people, to delve into the subject will not.

But let’s return to our sheep shampoo. On my hand was a small ลกajboฤka ocher color, packaged in a cellophane bag and tied with thin twine, which adorned a small label.

One of the features of shampoo โ€” unexpected, I must say, it was “melting”. Of course, not literally, but traces of red on hand/bath/dish soap remain. In fact it is not just a dense soap bar, but rather a soap-clay is softer on the outside and more dense on the inside, with a splash that creates a unique texture. By end-use (or it was logical to end the life of the shampoo) “Moroccan double” begins to crumble, because the texture of the “stuffing” without the soft clay shell is not so stable. But the color and crumbs easily washed out of hair with no problems. Even from my long and thin.

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The weight of the washers-shampoo 85g, fragrances as such, no, but the smell of clay. On hair smell.

Manufacturer as a separate item indicates that

Once you start using to prevent finding the tiles in water.

And I agree more than fully, because constant contact with water and shampoo will just turn to mush.

How do I use it: lather it in my hands, as regular shampoo, it is difficult, therefore I am a tile on the hair roots and tops, without touching lengths and ends, massage into a rich lather and washed. When flushing water and foam have a reddish hue, but the hair, again, not painted. Consumption, as I thought, not very economical.


  • It cleanses well, even intense. Sometimes even to squeak. Of course, this is not the preferred option, but I like it a palpable sense of purity and freshness. Shampoo it is possible to wash oil mask;
  • “Moroccan double” not nailing the volume, and even on the contrary slightly increases the existing;
  • If your hair is dry, then ignore the conditioning balm or not. Even if you used to do so;
  • But if the hair is dry completely, this shampoo is, perhaps, not advise. Still, he is better suited to normal or oily hair;
  • I have quite a sensitive scalp that reacts with itching and dandruff on some tools and situations, but with this shampoo, no problem

Testing period: the whole bar, which is much more 14 times.

Cost: the shampoo is 337 rubles, I bought 302 of the ruble.

Objectively this shampoo’s only four, but the interest in me to such a format, it still awakened.

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