Some like it hot K by Kilian

I liked all the flavors line The art of love By by Kilian (in the vernacular, eggs)) and they all were on my wish-list, but while I was going with the spirit, they were removed from production. Managed to buy one.

I am afraid to buy the flavors in the non-online stores, even though you can buy almost the whole series K. Maybe nothing, but that’s how it is.
In General, recently looked for off-line, if there are any, where are the remains.
As usual, I was lucky at the airport on departure. So good luck caught by the tail is one of my Kilian.

Aroma — can’t breathe. Very save now, the more vitality in my day.

Now, in order.

The aroma released in 2015, perfumer Calice Becker, belongs to the group of floral, fruity, sweet.

Basic notes: hazelnut, lychee, Turkish rose.

The aroma is warm, gourmand to my nose. At first it’s cocoa powder, which gradually transformirovalsya, but not go away completely. In an hour approximately emerges hazelnuts and the breeze of freshness. Then I see spices, confections, cream, coffee, bitter chocolate. Then appear powdery notes. Rose didn’t feel it. And in the end, bitter chrysanthemum, huge creamy white.

Aroma very hard to describe. Someone feels the smell of dust and I probably agree, but call it vintage dust.
I’m no good at describing flavors. I have some personal associations and images. Imagination paints of pre-revolutionary Europe, and think of an old Viennese cafe in the center of the city in which I was more than 10 years ago, but remembered forever.

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The scent of autumn, of the past and former glory. In some of the depressive side of me turned.
In General, the aroma is elegant, complex and like no other.

Separately say about the design. The bottles all have seen/touched and they, of course, a work of art. In addition to the bottle in the box is a bag with a black satin ribbon with tassels on the ends. M-yeah, I think what it would be, belt or what? Then I figured it out. The name suggested. Some like it hot

Price 7540 RUB at Vnukovo airport)))).

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