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Hello! I talked about my favorites of the brand Rituals… I like that periodically produced a new line of limited edition collection with lovely scents, so I sometimes look in the shops to see what’s new. Today I want to share with you my impressions about their new shower gels from the limited collections of the brand. Let’s add one more drop of emotions in pre-Christmas mood ????

Let me remind you that the products …Rituals — not some unique or essential to everyone. Just the brand has its own philosophy: the harmony of the soul, body and surrounding space. The body care — welcome ritual, which pleased with their textures and aromas.

Recently the brand is actively developing and offering the consumer more and more interesting products. Summer has released two limited edition products of which I tried:

The Ritual of Holi

Bright youth line inspired by the annual Hindu celebration of spring, Holi — the Festival of colors. In the days of the festival, the participants arrange a funeral procession with songs and dances, showering each other with colored powder and spraying colored water, symbolizing cleansing, renewal and the victory of love over any evil.

sifco found in free access in the network

Paint my world with bright colors of love brand offers through a variety of products for body care and face. In the lineup collected a truly unusual vehicles: here and shower foam in the shape of a flower, and bright bath bombs (Hello, Lush!), and body scrub with neon particles in the spirit of ice cream M&M’s, and “squeaky” mousse for body and cheerful face mask, and much, much more.

The distinctive fragrance of the collection is a juicy blend of pink grapefruit and white lilies. The products are aimed primarily at a younger audience, created the most pleasing to the eye and sense of smell, charge with positive emotions and good mood. The campaign involved the girls-teenagers, throw at each other colored powder, watching the video brings a smile.

Can’t say that the line struck me as something unique, all that we’ve seen from other manufacturers, but the bright packaging and beckoned to try something and I took a floral foam for the shower.

Make life brighter. Floral shower foam by Rituals… The Ritual of Holi Flower Shower Foam

At first glance it seems that the main feature in this foam shower — package. Standard tin bottle with a volume of 200 ml is slightly larger than the normal foam shower Rituals…

Life should be fun, not serious. You should be real, not perfect

Bright splashes on a white background

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Translucent white cap of thick plastic and massive, tight on the bottle, you will need force to remove it, especially with wet hands. But during transport it won’t fly off, although I can’t imagine a person who wants to travel.

The dispenser is made in the shape of a flower

Where we have already seen? Correct: Asians. For example, the foam cleanser Kanebo Evita Whip Beauty Soap — the reviews have Milena Milena72 here Niki Klavas here.

Assume that you need to click on the tabs on two sides

And to air foam in the form of a flower

In fact, it appears that the tabs are pretty tight, and because of the size of the bottle is too wide, so click delicately with two fingers does not work, you have to use two hands and press them from both sides simultaneously, make an effort. What if in one hand you have a shower head with flowing water, history is silent.

To control the amount of extruded foam is also quite difficult. If you overdo it, you can get the flower on a stick, which is very similar to… ummm… a symbol of love and fertility.

The lush and dense foam, keeps its shape and for a very long time to sit on the skin, not potaeva.

Distribute it easily, and even a small flower cloud can be spread out over a large area

Correction: the foam melts on dry skin. Unfortunately, the manufacturer decided not to indicate the manner of use or on the bottle or on the official website on the product page.

Keep your skin soft, petal-like, spreading the foam.

All. Point. Deductive method (and active surf on the network), it was found that this shower foam that should be applied to wet skin, massage and rinse. And here’s the catch: the foam absolutely does not want to stay on wet skin, it immediately begins to melt and drip off, leaving behind a nasty slippery trail. In the end, every part of the body is necessary to squeeze out a pretty impressive amount of foam. Well, at least to wash off all that easily and that is good.

The foam is very dry skin. After showering, the skin is very tight, itchy, and requires moisture. The claimed softness, no hint. In the SLS, but it does not save.

Within an hour or two is quite bright flavor is a positive fruity floral fragrance perfume oil Ajmal Fantabulous.

Fragrant composition consists of white lilies and flowers of peach, but apart from them I hear notes of berries and tropical fruits. The fragrance is strong, flat and quite himonya in my opinion, in the General mood of repeating many of the water Victoria Secret (fans, no offense).

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I do not understand this product. What is it? Foam for cleansing the body in the shower, shaving or a simple flavoring? To find out not very desirable, as to continue the acquaintance with other products.

Country of origin: Italy

Volume: 200 ml

Price: 7.50 euros (about 600 rubles)

Term of use: 1 month regularly and without enthusiasm. How much is enough of the bottle is difficult to say, I haven’t finished it yet

Rating: 2 out of 10 Trendy, youth, and useless.

The Ritual of Yalda

The basis of the collection is the idea of one of the most ancient Iranian festivals, which according to the old calendar was considered a Christmas or “happy day”. This event was celebrated in the family circle, coming together on the longest night of the year, definitely putting on the table fresh fruit, mostly melons and pomegranates as a symbol of the sun, and made wishes.

I drew the line packing, by this color I just couldn’t pass and got me a diffuser and a standard foaming shower gel. Talk about the past.

That desire come true. Gel-shower foam by Rituals… The Ritual of Yalda Foaming Shower Gel

About those foam shower gels I already told you: the tin bottle-bottle 200 ml, plastic cover and pipette.

This line differs the color of the bottle is a deep dark blue color of the night sky. In the dark can give violet hues.

Celebrate the approaching winter with your loved ones, enjoy pomegranates and watermelons and make your wishes for the new year.

Ornaments repeat Persian motifs, colors reminiscent of juicy watermelons and pomegranates

Cover still flimsy and flies when she wants. The plastic dispenser saves some money. Actually, I noticed that the latest releases of these gels started to kink with dispensers: they are not pressed, it is too easy to give the product.

The composition has remained unchanged,

but it seemed to me that the foam was denser and even more luxuriant, and the formula is even more moisturizing

The behavior of the foam on the skin that perfectly distributed, is kept until the washed, slightly moisturizes and softens the skin.

The most important thing in this product, as in the entire range — aroma. This is a rich fruity blend of juicy tart pomegranate and fresh sweet watermelons. The scent of fresh-sweet with a slight acidity, but something in the base of the tart and balances the warm sound of the music and makes the product versatile for use both women and men. I think sometimes it’s great to share something delicious with your loved one.

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The flavor strength of the East in tune with The Rituals of Ayurveda, so if you don’t have enough power in the red, take this you will not be disappointed. Lovers of light and natural compositions have nothing to do here, the flavor will seem too loud and himonya, especially after a shower it stays on the skin for several hours and requires careful selection of perfume in a pair. I use it mostly at night.

Country of origin: Germany

Volume: 200 ml

Price: 8.50 euros (about 650-700 rubles)

Period of use: 2 bottle for 2 months

Rating: 8 out of 10 New managed for fruit lovers of Oriental fragrances in shower gels recommend. Sorry limitka, usually the brand they do not stay long on the shelves

And speaking of holidays, the holidays brand produced here are advent calendars: 2D (price — £59.50) and 3D (price £89) — in the form of Christmas trees

Inside 24 the most popular product of the brand in thumbnail and full size versions.

In addition, the series products have added some more:

The Ritual of Namaste

Skin care involves cleansing, moisturizing, radiance, sensitive and Mature skin. The compositions are very similar to natural, not tested on animals, contain no mineral oils, parabens, silicones and tested by dermatologists. The company also participates in the recycling of plastic and offers interchangeable refile products.

I really like the packaging design, the prices of products vary at 30 euros, but remember the old line of skin care that I am not impressed, try the desire yet.

The Hair Temple

Temple of hair care products: shampoos, conditioners and hair oil with a mild formula without sulfates, built on shikakai nuts and argan oil. The flavors you can choose from any existing line.

The Ritual of Cleopatra

Inspired by ancient beauty rituals one of the most influential women of the ancient world, the brand launched a range of decorative cosmetics, which is incorporated in the particles of precious stones and minerals.

The collection turned out vast from creams to shimmers / highlighters, liquid matte lipsticks to nail lacquers, the actual textures and fashion shades. Survive the products in the fierce competition among the many similar, time will tell.

And you tried something lately brand?

And thanks for stopping by. All good and festive mood

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