Something crazy… Inglot AMC Eyeliner gel

Good day! I quite often get compliments about the shooter in my eyes. I never hid who is helping me make them. But today I want you to meet my hero in person. Ask a cat 🙂

I love the arrows. Rather not. I love the arrows. Almost every one of my makeup, even daily, is not without eyeliner upper eyelid. In my collection there are many different shades of this gel eyeliner, pencil and liquid eyeliners. But usually the hand goes to that format.

Inglot eyeliner gel #90.

The most frequently used colors are black No. 77 and today’s hero, No. 90. The names of the shades in this series no. Hue eyeliner just brown, looks very good both in daylight and evening makeup.

Eyeliner Packed standard: transparent washer with black, good screw cap. What I like is the fact that the original paper liner sealed membrane. I usually just tear it completely, perhaps thanks to this eyeliner dries fast. Although, looking ahead, I will say that despite the drying, with the help of Duraline hose every time does the job for 5+. The amount of 5.5 grams. To me this amount is enough for 1.5 years of almost daily makeup.

That’s a part of the liner:

According to the latest word on the above picture, the eyeliner is water-resistant. That’s absolutely true. If you just wet eyes, the eyeliner does not flow and will not fade. Of course, if you grind, it will begin to form bald spots.

The “fresh” liner texture is very soft, the tool is easy to type on the brush. Over time the washer can crack inside the banks, but their properties liner loses. By the way, I said above about drying and the need to add Duraline… So, with daily use first year, all in pristine texture, dilution is not required.

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This shade may seem very dark, but it’s brown, and it differs from black.

For comparison, the photo below is a new eyeliner, and eyeliner after 2 years of use probably do not need to specify who is who :

Vitality is incredible. Until I start to remove it (by the way, it turns out only two-phase liquid), the liner did not lose its original appearance. And this despite the fact that I have oily skin and eyelids.

Overall, if you are reading and watching my posts about cosmetics, almost always use this eyeliner, but a few of the collages will be added here.

Please do not pay special attention to my eyebrows in the photo below, the first two collage — this photo last year, at the time of “growing”

Rating: 5 and many +
Price: about 1200 rubles
Use life: more than 5 years.

How do you feel about these eyeliners from Inglot?

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