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American brand Sorme has a decent time on the Russian market, but not yet won universal popularity. I hope it’s only a matter of time, because the brand is definitely interesting, with its philosophy and concept, which focuses not only on bright pigments, but also on skin care.


I decided to start out with two products — a blush and shadow-odnushek to make your own impression about the brand and in the future to look at other vehicles of the brand.

Both products are packaged in almost identical plastic cases, differs only in the amount of product in the package. The quality of packaging is not luxury, but not to say that mass market. A sort of middle class, as well, and the pricing policy of the brand. The boxes themselves are in cardboard boxes.

Sorme Treatment Cosmetics Long Lasting Eye Shadow #606 Safari

Shadows in package 1.6 g for odnushki quite normal. The range includes 12 shades to suit every taste, but no extreme 🙂

The product is densely compacted and has a fine grind. Easily typed on a brush and almost not dusty.

I love the shade of khaki/olive/swamp green in the one-room and I have already two hits with shimmer among odnushek Dior, and I wanted a more matte without shimmer, a sort of pure color.

The olive shade rather than khaki, so warm and matte. Pigmentation is very good, when set on the shadow brush does not dust and do not crumble during application. The brush is better to take medium soft, as too hard can lead to the fact that some of the shadows just crumble, too soft and hard brush to layer color on lids. But it still need to gradually layering and a good shade, as the shade when applied look darker than you expect.

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At the base of shadow fall with no problems. Not going in the folds of the century, does fade throughout the day. To them in the pair to select any light beige shade to blend borders.

Due to the fact that shadows have a very fine grind, the coating is thin, even if the shadow to layer on the eyelid. You can apply shadows both dry and wet. For the last is for the matte shades I currently have little idea in life

Sorme Treatment Cosmetics Long Lasting Blush #501 Pomegranate

In the line of blush has 4 shades:

— Natural Blush

— Natural Earth

— Wild Rose

— Pomegranate


Accordingly, my shade seems to be the most dark.

Blush have a fine grind, well, get any brush for blush and very pigmented. Product packaging 3.9 gr.

The shade Pomegranate is a very interesting and multifaceted. Its appearance I is not identified with his name, still is absolutely not grenades.

And if pigmentation and set on the brush is not satisfactory, here a feather there are problems. Blush zealously need shade and better gradually layering, otherwise they go directly bright spot, which is difficult to shade.

The product is very stable, 8-9 hours we can safely pass, and then a little blush starts to fade.


Blush petite, but short of the mirror and brush. It is convenient to take with you when availability of tools for drawing in the purse.

The estimated cost of shadows: 1400 RUB.

blush: 1600 RUB.


In General I have very good impression about the brand’s products Sorme, which is so praised in the West. Now definitely need to try products for the face.

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