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I want to show and tell You about the magnetic top for nail Polish Dance Legend Top Magnetic Red.

Volume of vial: 12 ml

The brush is medium thickness, oval in cut.

The top is a plastic box.

In the box in addition to the top of the magnet is “Star”.

In the base is a translucent red magnetic pigment. In my opinion this top looks most effectively on dark substrates, because the magnetic pigment has a rusty-red hue, which will be visible on light colours.I tried to put the top on several different substrates, but still opted for a simple black lacquer.

The consistency is quite runny, but quite comfortable.

In my manicure I used a magnet that was attached to the top. Kept it as close to the nail for about 10 seconds. I tried different ways to attach a magnet and found the option that I liked 🙂

Optionally, a transparent top coat I haven’t used since I arranged native gloss.

Price: 250 RUB.

Rating: 5

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