Spivak Ointment for body Menthol

Relevant to the summer means for local cooling.

The remedy came in the first half of the summer, but I write only now — tried to taste.

Plastic jar with a screw lid (lined), inside membrane-bulkhead thick and fragrant mess under her. A light, almost yellowish, smells menthol. Quite fatty. Composed of wax, castor and almond oil and natural menthol — nothing more. It is assumed to apply to the body for local cooling effect. The idea for the summer — very important. This year I was not sitting in place and my air conditioner was quietly gathering dust in the corner poveshennyh — my first summer without him in the last ten. Given that this summer was noticeably hotter comfort last year, is an invaluable thing to date.

I have tried to use different. For legs, neck, arms. The problem is that the tool is not absorbed and remains in the same film lie. Although I applied a thin layer. Cooling, I also noticed — only if applied at the point where the palpable pulse and then not at all. In fact I have it only 1-2 points on the neck. In other places I felt nothing. Perhaps I am too thick-skinned. For me the tool was not working that does nothing.

It is very sad, I thought we could be friends.

Maybe I did something wrong. Although I tried in different ways: different points of application, large space and not very different variants of the density of application (basically a thin layer, but thick tried — suddenly earns). Failed.

And have you had this? How have you used it?

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Price: 189 RUB

Volume: 50 oz.

Period: beginning of July

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