Splash mask Blithe – bestseller 2018

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Today in the post we will focus on this year’s hit — splash the mask Blithe. Before I got my Blithe Patting Water Pack-Rejuvenating Purple Berry, nothing was heard about her and her “hits” in the beauty world.

Then I introduced her cool, of course, I was filled with interest. What I think about it now, read under the cut.

Without accompanying information, I never would have thought that this tool — the mask. Bottle-the bottle, splashing the inside of something berry colors — what kind of mask? About the contents separately: it is a translucent sticky (very sticky!) liquid berry hue, the aroma is stunning. By the way, while there are three options splash mask Blithe, my — Rejuvenating Purple Berry, rejuvenating purple berry.

The neck is plugged with a stopper, which can be fully or partially removed.

Splash mask Blithe called innovative tool that combines the functionality of peeling, mask and tonic, having the shortest exposure time — 15 seconds (so the mask is recommended to use in the shower). During this time, the mask:

  • exfoliates old skin cells;
  • refreshes and stimulates the skin, acting as the peeling;
  • moisturizes and gives the skin elasticity;
  • nourishes and smoothes the skin;
  • improves tone;
  • reduces the severity of wrinkles.

Sounds promising and even magical, right?

Uses too few, even the manufacturer offers options. The most popular method — use in the shower when the splash mask is applied in circular motions on damp after cleansing the skin and literally 15 seconds to rinse. It can also be added to water for washing or even in the bath, zakislenia it (important in those regions where the water is too high pH). You can apply as a mask on dry/damp skin. It is advisable to dilute in the cap means water, but can not do, if the skin is already used to acids.


I was advised to apply a Patting Water Pack-Rejuvenating Purple Berry before going to sleep for half an hour, preliminary having diluted with water. Googling I somehow did not realize, so that’s what I was to do. And that was a mistake.

Very often I apply before going to sleep at such a time that didn’t have the energy/desire to go clean, and I fell asleep. And night sticking to the pillow. And discovered in the morning pozabite pores. Who is to blame? Of course, I am, but to blame yourself for somehow not very nice, so I just pushed aside a bottle of Blithe Patting Water Pack.

After some time I decided to try again to make friends with a super-duper tool, was apply in the evening to damp skin in undiluted condition, and still washing out after about 30 minutes. After that, the situation seems to have improved, but I could not understand, what for me is a positive effect. Splash mask again pushed into the far corner.

Finally, in early autumn I decided to go back to the mask Blithe — herself Lisa Eldridge praised and endorsed, and I’m here, you see, I can not understand anything.

Here I have what is called “came”. Maybe triggering the placebo effect, maybe I wanted to believe in the effect, maybe something else played a role, but now I see the effect and my favorite time for Blithe Patting Water Pack-Rejuvenating Purple Berry in the morning, immediately after washing, keep on skin for about 15-20 minutes while I go and collect my daughter. Or use before applying makeup as the Express version prepare the skin.

What has changed now?

  • I really feel that the mask is working. When applied to the skin slightly tingling (not always, by the way). Her pinched before, but I apparently screwed up a fact that did not flush splash mask and rubbed the sticky leather of the cushion.
  • After use the skin is tightened and regains tone — great for tired, sagging and aging skin.
  • Skin becomes much smoother, smooths the relief — clearly felt the effect of moderately sensitive (when applied to dry skin and increasing the exposure time effect is noticeably enhanced by) peeling.
  • Slightly narrow pores, but the effect is not prolonged.
  • Skin is much more hydrated that I cold notice to reduce dry skin and lack of feeling of tightness. The effect is noticeable even after a single use.
  • Given all of the above, the splash mask Rejuvenating Purple Berry Blithe — great for preparing the skin for makeup. You can take note on new year’s night and/or before a corporate event.

Important: do not repeat my mistakes, thoroughly rinse the mask, otherwise it will felt unpleasant stickiness and significantly increase the risk of contamination since.

I liked my “berry” splash mask Blithe Rejuvenating Purple Berry, but I will not deceive anyone: I would not have bought it for the money. For me this means largely supportive, i.e. now, in the season of acids, it helps my main “fighters”, but does the main work.

As you can see, I used the tool and summer. Despite the acid in the composition, the photosensitivity of the skin was observed, believe that the remedy for this is weak.

3100₽цена8/10оценка8 months 1P/danapalooza skin Type: Combination skin, is acne

With regard to frequency of use: I think it is clear that in the above the plate it is very rough, given my breaks to use.

Explanations about the assessment: objectively somewhere on the level of a 5, sort of pleasant indulgence, to reduce the score only because of the cost it would be foolish. At first I was kinda skeptical, but now am inclined to think that, in principle, the means justifies the cost. Well, you just can’t admit that the aesthetics of the brand I am very impressed and in the future I still plan to get friendly with other drugs Blithe.

If there’s anything I overlooked, feel free to ask questions🤗

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