Sport and diet: a 53-year-old model revealed the secret to her gorgeous shape

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The woman in the 53 year career as a model continues, and peers are jealous of her beautiful body.


Australian model Donna Oman is quite in demand in their profession. And when you look at pictures with her participation, it’s not surprising – it is in excellent shape. But what is really surprising is the fact that Donna is 53 years old. Many people simply do not believe that at this age you can keep such a beautiful body, but Oman says that nothing is impossible. And this does not have to resort to plastic surgery.

Omani has shared the secret of its beauty with the public. According to the model, she began her career at the age of 15 and from a young age led an active lifestyle. Donna does not like static pastime is to watch TV or read a book – it’s not for her. Model regularly goes to the gym and hike. Recently, she became interested in Boxing.

As for the food, in the last five years, Donna does not eat animal products, but daily drinking green tea. For Omani dinner, drink a little wine.

Australian stresses that diet and sports is not everything. Very important is the third component – the absence of stress.

Oman claims that their lives have experienced only one operation to improve the appearance – she made a correction of eyelids and the surgical incision was made on the recommendation of doctors.

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