Spring fragrances and lipsticks of superwoman: 10 cool gifts for March 8

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For many 8th of March is the time when you want to surprise your loved ones, but a holiday, the preparation of which makes pretty nervous. On the eve of International women’s day to scoot to the store for another box of chocolates and a Teddy bear, we offer you carefully read our beauty guide.

Fragrance Un Jardin sur la Lagune, Hermes (5 440 RUB per 30 ml)

When Hermes is releasing a new perfume is always an event. And release A Garden on the Lagoon is no exception! The story of this flavor began in Venice, in a secret place, hidden behind the beautiful walls of ochre. The garden of Eden belonged to the English Lord Frederick Eden. He was tired of an idle life, and along with his wife Caroline in 1884, bought a Villa with a gorgeous garden Giardino Eden.

After the death of the owners of the garden were sold, and then nearly destroyed during the Second world war, in 1945, restored and declared a national monument, and later it passed into the hands of the Austrian architect and painter with an unpronounceable name — Friedenreich Hundertwasser Regentag Дункельбун0ат.

Once the House perfumer Christine Nagel read about Giardino Eden and was able to convince his current owners to open the first garden for her and then serving guests of Hermes. She came back almost every month, and by the end of this story and became Un Jardin Sur La Lagune. Aroma reveals notes of Lily of the Madonna, Pittosporum and Magnolia, which are combined with woody and marine notes. Perfumer even tried to “recreate” the salty air of Venice, she managed this with a special base, Algenone which blends perfectly with the floral notes.

The illustration on the packaging of toilet water — the work of the famous artist Safet of Snakes and reminiscent of the entrance to this secret garden. The new flavor complements the collection Parfums-Jardins, created by Jean-Claude Ellen in 2003, and already includes five perfume creations.

Body mist and perfumed lotion Aqua Kiss, Victoria’s Secret (499 RUB)

Despite the cold weather, spring has officially come into its own in the coming weeks. This means that it’s time to sweet and floral aromas.

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Sweet tooth will surely have to taste the aroma of Aqua Kiss with juicy accords of chamomile, aloe Vera, white freesia and plum. He was released in 2012, but its popularity does not lose till now. The collection also includes body spray and lotion. To avoid cloying sweetness, the perfumers added a salty marine notes. Now imagine that you are sipping a cocktail, watching the sunset on the other side of the planet, and don’t drink coffee in a stuffy office.

Your own scent will become even easier and more enjoyable with a special offer from Victoria’s Secret: from 6 to 9 March elected funds from the line of The Mist Collection can be purchased for 499 rubles, with a discount of more than 60 percent.

“Bombs” for bath Lush (420 RUB.)

On the eve of International women’s day, Lush has released a collection of delicate floral bombs. With scents of iris, chamomile, Jasmine and Barhatov — and what we associate spring? For moms who like superheroine make his exploits every day, be it recovery or the crack of dawn, an early Breakfast for the whole family, help with homework, words of encouragement or a piece of chocolate at the right time, the brand has come up with special gifts. When the mother feels tired, why not cook for her warm bath with mood enhancing bergamot and ylang-ylang? A surge of absolute orange blossom will help her recharge and return to full power promptly.

The fragrances from the collection Wild Flowers and Weeds, Jo Malone (4 100 RUB.)

Jo Malone is known for creating luxury fragrances from plant raw materials, herbs and flowers, but in the spring of 2019, the brand introduces a whole new range of fragrances based on weeds (original ingredient, isn’t it?) and wild flowers from the banks of meandering rivers.

Only five combinations: Hemlock and bergamot; juniper and cedar, smoky plume pripravljeni warm notes of cedar and sweet vanilla; Lupin and patchouli, willow and amber; nettle, yarrow, bergamot and white musk.

Each fragrance is presented in a bottle with a volume of 30 ml. each of them there is a picture of the plants, the main ingredient, made in the spirit of classic English painting.

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Toilet water Sheer, Tiffany&Co (10 200 rubles)

The new scent Sheer from Tiffany&Co all the same iris. But unlike classic perfume notes of iris, extracted from the root of a plant, the author of the composition Daniela Andrieu decided to use oil of iris flowers collected in France in July and August. The composition is woven from chords of black currant, green Mandarin and ylang-ylang that intertwine with rose oil in the heart of the fragrance.

Glass bottle resembles a cut diamond, the most famous fashion Houses. Like all jewelry, stamps, perfume is presented in a turquoise box Tiffany Blue Box, which is to confuse.

Set Day + Night Set, R+Co (2 700 roubles)

This set, consisting of dry shampoo and conditioner for volume styling Park Ave, is a real salvation for dull and lifeless hair. The tools presented in travel size, so much space in the suitcase won’t take.

The collection of lipsticks M. A. C and Marvel

Brand M. A. C inspired by the film “Captain marvel” (Captain Marvel) and invites all into the universe of superheroes. For the first time the main character of the comic book series is a woman. Carol Danvers, a former officer and pilot of the air force, becomes a Savior when the Earth is in the midst of a galactic war between two alien races.

Want your mom or girlfriend turned into superwoman? In this case, it will help lipstick limited edition design in red, coral, beige and pale pink shade.

The aroma and smoke for hair Oud Musk, Narciso Rodriguez (15 400 RUB and 3 500 RUB.)

The Creator of a new, fourth fragrance from the collection of Oriental Musc Editions Caroline Sabas said that it was found West and East: the first represents the notes of musk, and the second notes of Oud.

The composition complements the incense, floral accords, spicy black pepper and Myrtle. The fragrance has been dubbed one of the hottest launches this spring. And he’s remarkably persistent.

In a couple of perfume left haze for hair, which not only gives them an easy, unobtrusive flavor, but also makes them smooth and shiny.

A gift from the beloved beauty studios BeBeBe

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The network of beauty studios BeBeBe already prepared the main women’s holiday. On March 8 there will be a special proposal for comprehensive services. For example, a manicure and pedicure coated will cost 3,500 rubles, and correction and colouring of eyebrows + colouring of eyelashes will cost 1500 rubles. Those who decide to refresh the image and get a haircut + procedure “happiness hair”, will offer a discount of 20 percent.

In the cabin can still be supported: BeBeBe will treat all guests with sweet and sparkling. In addition, guests of the studios that day waiting for special gifts from the new brand Skin&Co Roma. Offer valid in the Studio on Petrovka Patriarchal and by appointment.

The device Philips Lumea BRI956/00 (42 990 rubles)

Home: living room for the face and body is a godsend for independent and particularly those who do not have time every two weeks to run to the salon for treatments. Get rid of unwanted hair with the Philips Lumea.

The gadget is equipped with four special nozzles curved shape with light Windows of different sizes and different types of filters. The instrument automatically detects the nozzle that it is installed, and delivers the right amount of light energy that the impact flash was the most efficient for the respective zone, whether the face, underarms, bikini area or legs.

Philips Lumea is a Ferrari in a world of: living room, he is the fastest on the market.

For example, the treatment of both lower legs takes just eight and a half minutes. Moreover, the device is equipped with a lamp on 250 thousand flashes, which is enough for at least 20 years of use. The device Philips Lumea works without a network connection, but for processing large areas of the body better left wired mode (as the flash rate increases several times).

Noticeable results can be seen after four treatments, which should be carried out not more often than once every two weeks. To maintain the effect, it is sufficient to use the device only once a month. However, as in the case of professional hair removal procedure is with the Philips devices bude ineffective against very dark skin, red, gray and very light hair.

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