Spring makeup collection Givenchy Makeup Collection Spring Gardens 2020: information and Swatch


Givenchy presents a spring makeup collection Makeup Collection Spring Gardens 2020, vdohnovlenie garden Le Jonchet Manorbelonged to Hubert de Givenchy. For the collection were created stunningly beautiful boxes with floral patterns, symbolizing the revival of nature and the freshness of spring. The collection includes three water-resistant pencil for eyes Khol Waterproof Couture, palette for face Prisme Powder & Blush Duo (which include blush and highlighter) and three shining labial lipstick Le Rouge Metallic Finish Lipstick. The entire collection will be released in limited edition.

A collection of Gardens of Givenchy Makeup Collection Spring 2020 will include:

Water-resistant pencil for eyes Khol Waterproof Givenchy Couture Spring 2020 (limited edition, approximate price of — $27) in 3 colors:

  • 11 Peony – dusty pink;
  • 12 Iris – delicate lilac;
  • 13 Poppy – red poppy (the iconic color of the House of Givenchy);

The palette for the face of Givenchy Prisme Powder & Blush Duo Spring 2020 (limited edition, estimated price — $46), which include blush and highlighter. Its collectible packaging in the impressionistic style, decorated with image of a bouquet of irises — the symbol of royalty and purity. Come in the shade:

  • 3 Spice is a matte coral blush and a shimmering pink highlighter;

Lipstick Givenchy Le Rouge Metallic Finish Lipstick Spring 2020 (old-product collection, limited edition, approximate price is $39) with a glittery-metallic, iridescent finish. Shining glittery particles in the lipstick symbolize the rays of the rising sun. Nourishing oils soften the lips, and microcrystalline waxes provide ease, allowing color to emerge in full. Stylish black leather pouches decorated with watercolor designs of garden flowers — poppies, peonies, lilies and beloved Hubert de Givenchy delicate gypsophila. Come in 3 shades:

  • 11 Sparkling Peony — a bright pink with cool, blue tint (the case with peonies symbolize youth and femininity);
  • 12 Sparkling Poppy is a deep red with a pink tint (the case with poppies symbolizes spring and renewal);
  • 13 Sparkling Lily — a bright coral with silver shimmer (its case with iris symbolizes royalty and purity).
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Swatch lipsticks Givenchy Le Rouge Metallic Finish Lipstick Spring 2020:

Spring makeup collection Givenchy Makeup Collection Spring Gardens 2020 will go on sale internationally in January 2020.

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