Spring makeup collection NARS Afterglow Makeup Collection Spring 2020

NARS introduces spring collection makeup Afterglow Makeup Collection Spring 2020, which will include 12-color palette eye shadow Eyeshadow Palette Afterglow, a 6-color palette for face Overlust Cheek Paletteincludes 3 shades of blush and 3 shades shimmers / highlighters, and 6 new shades of lip balms Afterglow Lip Balm. The entire collection will be released in limited edition. Live photo collection can be viewed here.

The collection Afterglow NARS Makeup Collection Spring 2020 will include:

Reticulation eyeshadow Afterglow NARS Eyeshadow Palette Spring 2020 (limited edition), which includes 12 warm, bright and intense shades with matte, satin, sparkly and metallic finishes:

  • First Taste — shimmery pale gold;
  • Shadow Hill is a matte beige-brown;
  • Hot Line — tangerine metallic;
  • Whipped — matte warm brown;
  • Crushed — matte apricot;
  • Mad Love — a matte peach;
  • Push It — mother of pearl Golden-pink;
  • Riding High is a shimmering pink;
  • Bayadere I — shining bronze;
  • Trouble — shimmering coral;
  • Deep Cut — fuchsia metallic;
  • Guayaquil — bright orange metallic;

Palette for cheeks NARS Cheek Palette Spring Overlust 2020 (limited edition), which includes 3 shades of blush and 3 shades of highlighter with new, powdery gel texture, creating the effect of a second skin on face:

  • Tied Up — champagne (highlighter);
  • Deep Down — Golden-bronze (highlighter);
  • Drift — pink-bronze (highlighter);
  • Let It Burn — pale pink (blush);
  • Get Lost — peach-Ludowy (blush);
  • Body Talk — Heather grey (blush);

Colored lip balm NARS Afterglow Lip Balm Spring 2020 (limited edition), glubokovodnoi lips in 6 new translucent shades (Swatch them here):

  • Deep Throat is a shimmering peach-pink;
  • Torrid — orange-coral;
  • Dolce Vita — pale pink;
  • Fast Lane — a pale lilac-pink;
  • Wicked Ways — deep plum;
  • Turbo — a gentle red.

Spring makeup collection NARS Afterglow Makeup Collection Spring 2020 will go on sale internationally in March 2020.

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