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The last day of summer want to introduce to you with the spring-summer collection of nail professional of the Swiss brand Mavala with a very poetic name Mavala Blush Color’s.

This time MAVALA offered a very emotional collection of six polishes playing bold monochrome colours and pastel shades. Indeed, the color balance of the collection is based on the perfect combination of bright and rich and delicate exquisite flowers — audacity and wisdom — as in the works of Jane Austen that she was inspired. The only thing I’m surprised why this time the polishes are named after cities. I understand that it’s a tradition Mavala, but somehow these names do not tally in my head with the concept of the collection. Well, okay — it’s up!

Let’s look carefully lacquers in this collection.

The first two:

# 10 Reykjavik — a pastel shade, much razbelennye lilac. Such a sweet powdery nikatina.

Texture paint a thick cream, quite complex in application, he has problems with self regulation, so it is best to put varnish in two layers and cover the top. It dries quickly and the stability is very good. By the way, the last time the lucky brand I was very pleased with it good durability on my nails.

Rating: 4

# 11 Hanoi — a beautiful and unusual lilac-pink.

Technically flawless, the texture krele more than the cream. As they say, paint himself.

Rating: 5

These two nail Polish and asked to be in a double manicure! Each was applied in two coats, blankets dryer Revlon 960.

The third nail.

# 13 Ryadh — rich berry hue, not cherry, not raspberry. In the photo often looks juicy and warm, in fact it is a very “tasty berry from the fridge.”

The texture is unmatched and hassle-free, is also more similar to krelle. Easy to apply, dries well and long worn. In all respects, excellent paint!

Rating: 5

I put in two layers and covered the top.

The fourth nail.

# 15 Shenzhen — sophisticated pastel purplish beige hue with a slight roswinkel. Complex tone, and for me it was the most beautiful nudam over the last year.

The texture of paint thick cream, and again quite problematic. But I got a liquid sample, so until it thickens to handle easily, I even managed to put it into three thin layers, but for smoothing and the best alignment I covered its top.

Rating: 5 with a minus.


# 17 Athens — a wonderful pearl pearl peach color.

Texture, as in all such varnishes — liquid. It is best to lay it in thin layers, waiting for the complete drying of each. But in order to obtain a dense coating you need at least 3 layers, maybe more, and this leads to dry a manicure to be an eternity. I went the easy way out, put him on a substrate of Shenzhen (# 15) dense layer on the ring finger and little finger.

Rating; 5 –

And the last — the sixth Polish collection.

# 18 Lima — a delicate salmon hue, it is not unique, but its very presence adorns the collection.

Texture paint — cream, very similar to Reykjavik, with the same problems when applying.

Rating: 4

I have put in two thick layers and blankets drying Revlon 960.

I hope that the collection you’re liking. I liked it! Despite the fact that it is spring and summer, its lucky will look good worn any time of the year.

The price of one bottle — 315 RUB.

Thank you for your attention.



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