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It is always interesting to watch and analyze the efforts of the budget brands, working on trend textures and shades. Makeup Revolution do not stand on the sidelines and start line of shadows Re-Loaded with selection in each palette of popular colors, one of which became Iconic Division.

2018 for me will be remembered more freedom to experiment with the color. The main opening are green and yellow shades in all their mnogoobraznye. And if samruai and bright yellow it was pretty simple, then find a muted diverse shades of green and mustard, it was difficult, especially considering the quality of most of the shadows of this palette and resounding failure ABH — Subculture, the analogue of which have already nicknamed the heroine of today’s post.

In a palette of only 15 colors — 3 rows of 5 refollow, with a total weight of 15,15 gr. Packaged in a simple plastic packaging, price, gives a characteristic odor and soul school.

Logic of colors and remains a mystery to me, but a General view of the palette creates “autumn forest mood”. For the palette itself, I have divided into 3 groups of colors:

  • brownish base.
  • autumn and mustard.
  • green-mossy.
  • Five relatively basic shades, you can create your make-up and they provide a palette of basic universal note.

  • The darkest of the brown — brown-Burgundy color that looks beautiful in refile berry mulberry on the skin goes in deep and not flat chocolate shade. The shadows are easy to get and get flustered, do not go stains, pigmentation by modern standards at 4.
  • Neutral berry shade without any problems, well Blendable with other shades, easy to work with, 5.
  • Typowy grey cold shade for the crease, no complaints, quality is one of the best in the palette, 5.
  • It is unclear as it appeared here white could fit, in fact, is slabomineralizovannoj powder with bright pink shimmer as a highlighter under the eyebrow came up, 2.
  • Excellent in all respects bronze shade, easy to apply, no flaking, possible layering effect of the foil 5.
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    here and below, the shadows applied without a base, dry

    The second group is the variety of mustard colors with different saturation and potanov.

    Together they create a palette of the autumn forest, tefilah shades similar to each other, especially in the sunlight.

  • a shade of dark mustard pigmented better than others, but can patnet with the feather, 4.
  • mustard shade unique to my collection of shadows not very pigmented, requires layering, not showered, like all matte shadows in the palette are soft enough, 4.
  • razbelennye peach due to the softness of the refil does not become chalky, but can crumble, weak pigmentation, requires layering, 3.
  • another shade of mustard, this time with a green undertone duplicate TX 2 shades from this collection, 4.
  • razbelennye orange, not Petit, easy to carry, but it also requires layering.
  • Completes the palette of green-mchitsya shades, for me the most beautiful and complex work.

  • The darkest shade in the palette — the dark refil graphite green shade with flecks of micro-shimmer, is surprisingly good, soft and bright paints are easy to work with and shading, shows good pigmentation, 5.
  • bright lime shade with a scattering of silver and gold shimmer, there is less pigment as in the bronze shade, but more shimmer, more of a shade can be considered a topper, there is the possibility of layering, 5.
  • 3-5 shades of the green side of the palette, despite the softness and lightness of the set was slabomineralizovannaja, borne in a thin layer with bald spots needed cream substrate and additional layers, well get flustered, don’t stick in one area, 3.

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    Similar shades in producing more difficult bronze or red-brown scales, but the manufacturer has managed to create soft shadows that are well-typed on the brush and transferred to the skin, not dust, the main complaint against the technical characteristics: weak pigmentation, baldness and some shades, smell. The situation significantly save the base, while prolonging vitality shadows up to 8-9 hours, and here, on the one hand, the fact remains dancing with a tambourine, on the other hand, the ratio price/quality and, more importantly, the price/complexity of production of the shade says clearly in favor of a palette.

    4-/5, I recommend experiments.

    Price: 400-500 rubles.

    Thank you for your attention!

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