Stable tone cream Art-Visage. Shade 205

On the wave of popularity the Foundation of the Russian brand Art-Visage, I bought the lightest available in the palette of colors, at number 205.

The composition and the manufacturer’s promises

The range includes eight shades with numbering from 201 Ivory Warm beige to 208. Ivory in fact is not the lightest touch, although official THEY brand exactly what it looks like:

Screen THEM with the official brand

Screen THEM with the official brand

On the official website of the manufacturer presented a few other promo photos:

A screenshot from the official website of the brand

To get lost easy, there is a risk not to miss with tint.

On the. was already a detailed post author Natalie_Imbus, which is a comparative Swatch of a large number of shades. Actually, after that post I decided to take that tone.

The cream is thick, but plastic. It is a densely Packed brush with a flat cut, foam sponge fingers, if desired. Covers the shadows under his eyes accentuating fine lines and wrinkles. Density ranges from light veils ( application of a damp sponge) to thick putty. I think this cream is able to hide, if not all, a lot.

Stable tone cream Art 205Устойчивый Visage cream Visage Art 205, artificial lighting

Stable tone cream, Art Visage 205, natural lighting

Finish live, without a dull haze and excessive humidity. Reminded me of BB cream Australian Lanopearl brand. Shade with a light roswinkel.

With my body creams, serums and sunblock does not conflict. Moisturizing base behaves perfectly.

Before/ after the application of a sustainable Foundation

Myself prefer to wear a thin layer of cream to even out the overall tone and smooth the terrain. Experimented with the number of layers and came to the conclusion that layering provides excellent camouflage redness, but the overall image looks “heavy”.

Before/ after the application of a sustainable Foundation

Strong underscore. I have not noticed, especially if you moisturize the skin. The cream hides the depth of pores and evens out overall skin tone. At first it looks a bit unnatural, shrinkage should allocate five to ten minutes, after which, if necessary, to complete the makeup with finishing powder.

Durability is great, he does not settle in pores, does not leak from the skin even under repeated temperature changes. The Shine appears in the T – zone after five or six hours after applying the cream, if initially pin makeup powder he may not appear at all. On my skin it does not oxidize, unlike the tone at number 201, which within ten minutes had turned into a kind of bronzer.

I fully share the enthusiasm of the bloggers, this cream is really good.

The presence of bright colors
available in terms of cost and prevalence of the brand
good covering ability
and leukotriene some shades

Rating: 5

Price: 300 rubles

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