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About him lay down beauty — the legend for years, he for many has become open and pet of the month / year, he forced to himself to attract the attention of the most seasoned and battered beauty – foodies finally, it is simply impossible not to try. It’s all about him – about the famous stable Foundation with moisturizer complex and vitamin E from Art – Visage.

Let’s talk about it in more detail, and most importantly to see his work in action, so begin.

✔ Design

The appearance of the cream is quite simple and fits your segment is an ordinary soft plastic tube, designed in beige and gold colours. The reverse side contains a description of the product, its composition, manufacture, etc.

Cover is made of lightweight plastic, twist-offs/twists without problems, the thread does not fly inside the cap can accumulate concealer. The nose is very neat and has a small hole, which was attended by a protective element in the form of a foil.

In the process of using concealer, nose is dirty + will be neat to go the inscription on the front side of the tube. In General, the process of continuous use, the appearance of Foundation is quite untidy and suzannem.

✔ Shade

For my light skin with slight redness, chose the lightest shade in the line – 201 “Ivory”,

which is a neutral beige color with a yellowish undertone (sometimes even gray undertone imagining), instantly adjust to the skin color, doesn’t clash with the shade of the neck.

shade 201 Ivoryshade 201 Ivory: paid/restorefile

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I even reminded concealer BB cream, because it merge with the skin just amazed and surprised. The line includes 4 shades:

· 201 ivory

· 202 light beige

· 203 beige

· 204 dark beige

✔ Texture

Has a creamy texture, which is shaded, forming the transition boundary, but with a small caveat – the cream is quickly solidifies, so you need to blend very quickly, otherwise the cream will become absolutely still.

shade 201 Ivory

Opacity is relatively low – is able to remove easy the redness from the face, but with a disguise imperfections can be difficult. Coverage will vary from the method of application of the cream: for example, if I want a little to heavy coverage – apply the cream with your hands, if you want the Featherweight cover – wet byteblaster to help me. Overall, I will say that the cover gives the tone from Featherweight to medium-sized, with the possibility of layering without the mask effect. The finish line is declared a matte finish on my combination skin prone to oiliness, I have not seen, after applying it looks a little satin.

shade 201 ivory

After shrinkage of Foundation, matte effect, still will not, therefore, require a fixing powder to the cheeks, nose and shines quite brightly. In addition to the unpleasant Shine, the tone is not capable to smooth skin texture, stressing and falling while in the pores.

✔ Perfume

Very light, floral, cream is not felt.

✔ Volume

25 ml.

Application + Results from using.

Concealer is very simple and easy to apply, excellently to blend, but you need to remember about the time limit. I don’t use any makeup base — only the daily care that is very friendly behaves with Foundation, without leaving streaks and bald spots. Primary care or lack of it — will not affect the finish, and the application of Foundation. Fix makeup loose powder:

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The durability of the cream is low: no dusting the forehead and especially the nose cheeks starts to Shine after half an hour, dusting the tone soak 4 hours without adjusting makeup. See how the tone is after 2 hours after wearing:

tone after 2 hours


Despite a flurry of positive impressions of this Foundation means I didn’t give chances and was originally set up with skepticism. However, he managed to surprise and force yourself to use it and to use: I just conquered a shade that blends with my skin, I really like how the tone is easy to apply and blend, which is absolutely not thin and does not create the transition boundary. Yes, the cream is stressed, he does not give the stated matting effect, it does not hide redness and inflammation, it not smoothes the skin … but maybe I expect too much from cream for 200 rubles? Because I like what I see, so this tonal cream I’m willing to meet and adapt to it “features”.

Term of use: about a month

Price: 240 roubles

Rating: 4.

Thank you 🙂

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