Stardust in a bottle of nail Polish Lux Visage Meteorites Sparkle Effect shades 601 Andromeda and 606 of the Constellation Orion

Hello, girls 😊

Unknown and mysterious, dangerous and alluring, endless, cold space. I love the space theme in everything and everywhere. Of course, I couldn’t go past the line of paints from Lux Visage Meteorites Sparkle Effect.

In the line of many interesting shades, which, I hope, will know. The name of each shade somehow resonates with the cosmic, starry theme. For myself, I chose two I most liked shade:

  • 601 Andromeda
  • 606 The Constellation Of Orion

Lux Visage Meteorites Sparkle Effect 601 Andromeda

Translucent shimmering nail Polish with gel consistency. Indeed, it seems like millions of shining sparks of light hidden in the nebula.

natural light
artificial lightartificial light

Easy to apply, not thin and evenly distributed. In Polish you can see the big Kolichestvennaya pink, lilac, silver, gold, and sometimes even greenish hues.

natural light natural lightnatural lightartificial lightflash

The only negative — inconvenient brush. In form it resembles brush varnish El Corazone, but much tougher, which does not allow to bend it and paint over the bend. Due to the bright shining shade of a small blot in application in life will not be so noticeable.

Resistance about 4 days, but due to the bright color and shining effect chips and scuffs are not as noticeable. Like lucky to take the trip. In case of emergency, no stocks will not be visible, and emergency assistance do not need😄

Lux Visage Meteorites Sparkle Effect 606 The Constellation Of Orion

The consistency is roughly similar, the same gel, only slightly thicker than the Andromeda.

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Shade, of course, the bomb!

I’m not a fan of maroon varnish on every day, still, I prefer gentle calm options. But the Constellation of Orion joined in my daily life and do not want to leave😀 With him, I feel more confident or something)) Despite the fact that the shade is quite dark, pink-red shimmer makes it more feminine. Also there is a goldish-greenish shimmer, which is rare to catch on the nails.

natural lightflashnatural lightnatural lightin the roomartificial lightartificial light

You always want to look at the nails and how the light plays with the varnish. In General, love❤

Two layers of Polish+top

It can be applied without any problems, but OH, the brush.

So in the photo you can see the not quite perfect shape, but I did my best😊 due to the fact that the varnish of dark shade, any flaws in application will be visible.

Resistance about 4 days, then rubbing the tips and formed small chips.

107₽цена9/10оценка12 weeks 1P/nudeleisaibens

In General, lucky I liked it, and even very much)) I am pleased to continue to meet with other shades from this line.

What have you tried?

And if Belarusian producers another interesting instances?

My name is Natasha

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