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SkinCeuticals is my favorite brand of care, two of the three tested tools show excellent results, and this gel was no exception. I have had a long-standing favorite for eyes SkinCeuticals, but antioksidantnye gel I also conquered and I wish I tried it only this year. In the summer I decided to make a variety of skin care around the eyes and refused favorite cream in favor of a more lightweight texture, and so I have the second pack…

AOX+ EYE GEL Antioxidant gel to the skin around the eyes

The gel is a very good dark metallic packing. Many products with vitamin C (Yes almost everything) after opening I was getting dark, and although manufacturers claim that the color change efficiency is not reduced, this moment still was driving me crazy. With the same gel until the last drop nothing like this has happened, as was a translucent pale yellow, and remained.

On the bottle caused the standard for the brand markings, though in this particular case, there is no one meaning, because the flow is still not visible, the rest can be determined solely by weight.

The consumption of resources in General standard — 15 ml I had a little more than three months in daily use in the morning.

Very comfortable soft spout (no spitting, please excuse the expression). Produces exactly the amount of gel, which is enough for both eyes in one application.

The manufacturer recommends that you apply the gel, leaving at 2 mm from the ciliary region and is not applied to the upper mobile eyelid. When I read the reviews, seen the cases of very strong allergies, I was all okay and I put it on the upper eyelid, in fact all eye I smeared on the bottom and on the top to bypass the recommendations of the (maybe nothing, but yet it’s okay because it never happens).

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As part of the manufacturer identifies the following working ingredients:

L-ASCORBIC ACID 5.0%. Provides antioxidant, regenerating, stabilizing effect. Increases the protective properties of the skin. Stimulates the collagenogenesis. Reduces irritation after the procedure of laser resurfacing and irradiation of UV-rays.
? PHLORETIN 1.0%. Prevents oxidative stress. Has a powerful antioxidant effect: provides a high level of protection of skin cells against DNA damage under the influence of UV rays. Antibacterial anti-inflammatory effect.
FERULIC ACID 0.5%. Has an antioxidant effect. Stabilizes vitamin C and increases its activity. Corrects the signs of aging, enhances the protective properties of the skin.
THE ROOT EXTRACT OF THE RUSCUS. Reduces the permeability and fragility of capillaries. Improves microcirculation and metabolic processes in the skin. Reduces swelling.
CAFFEINE. Stimulates microcirculation, improves lymphatic drainage, reduces swelling.

Full composition:

Will tell what he makes me so captivated. I bought it during an action (buy a certain amount and get a gift is there) even in the winter with an eye on the summer. Opened in early may, after some spring fun. when the next day you look at yourself in the mirror and somehow not much like what he saw. It’s amazing, but half an hour after applying the effect turned out just “wow, uhhh, yay, fireworks, fireworks, General jubilation” — the skin around the eyes really preobrazhatsya, this effect I have not seen any patches from some quick action. I was even initially a little jarred, evaluation of any tool I give classic after 28 days of use and in this case also relied on the cumulative effect (all funds snapshot of beauty is very short-time efficiency).

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But every day use I liked him more and more, at first I enjoyed the serum-gel texture and how easily it went onto the skin and absorbed through the minute, and then assessed the nourishing and moisturizing qualities, lack of sense of tightness (the eye make-up I wash off along with all the make up water with the gel, do not like special tools for eyes, they give me a sense of cleanliness, but this is my personal problem wash). During the period of use remains the feeling of a fresh look and a facelift. My original plan was limited to the summer period of use, but I liked it so much I bought a second box and gonna use it until it godovogo effect to be missed. As of mid-October (we have heating turned on) normal flight, perhaps with the onset of cold weather will return for his second tested version from SkinCeuticals.

Volume: 15 ml

Price: 5.6 thousand rubles in the official store

Rating: 5

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