Stellary: moisturising colour adapt foundation “Skin Harmony” & Lip Liner Metal Rock

Meeting new (to me) brand — I like to start with products for lips and/or Foundation. This type of cosmetics I have a special love)) And if mark’s budget is the probability of purchase it tones and “something for the lips” — increases)))

About a good familiarity with the brand , Stellary — under the cut ;))

About the brand Stellary I heard something… Like) But I’ve never seen on sale. Or am I just inattentive))) And here at home (read — not in Moscow))) in one of the nets, which the MSC I do not get well in any way — a huge stand and prices — super) a Sin not to buy, in short.

In General, the result of nearly three weeks of testing these “cosmetics” what I want to say:

Concealer Stellary “Skin Harmony”: representations of the brand, the cream — moisturizes, contains hyaluronic acid and Shea butter, creates a natural and invisible coverage and is recommended for normal, prone to dryness and dehydrated skin.

I apologize for the curve of the label — but suddenly someone needs to see EVERYTHING))) Packing a super budget, what will you say)

  • All skin type, described brand — not really my. If the cheeks in certain periods can be attributed to normal / prone to dryness (and sensitive!), the T-zone is definitely fat. But the cream for me! Such things)
  • Texture — liquid/moderately thick. Normal, in General)
  • Packaging not very good, for me. I don’t mean the beauty and that’s all — clear that the budget is the budget, but the neck of the tube in my opinion too wide. To squeeze out the cream carefully: it is not as thick as I have already written (though not “water”) and can be squeezed more than they need You. But closes tight, no leaks.
  • Coating average density, not to say that dense: I had redness on the wings of the nose visible, he hid, but not completely. Same with the shadows under his eyes — hides, but not as a concealer, of course.
  • Durability: in my opinion very good. The top 5 will not deliver, but 4 points — completely.
  • About the behavior on oily skin: surprisingly, with my face in the T-zone is not shiny for longer!) And it’s super. That is, he holds more or less adequate to a state of “fat” almost on a par with my pet (which was removed from production — and it is a tragedy) Double wear light from Estee Lauder. 4 hours without matting napkins to do, and usually after 2 hours it direct need. Cream EL may be up to 5-6 hours, but the difference in price, friends, a))
  • Peeling, I think, will not stress — I’m not, but I assume so. The finish is rather natural. Below are photos of “in the sun”.
  • Volume: 30 ml.
  • Shade: I have SP 01 porcelain. As I understand it, the lightest in the lineup. I’m even in the summer is not very tanned, so I now See him approx. Swatch: I would say that it is a good balance between pink and beige, but I don’t know much about.
  • Price: 400 RUB.
  • Rating: I think it’s 5. A good working cream without super-durability and matting — but in the end, he stated moisturizing. For the price — very good. I use it almost every day, oddly enough even gave up my usual daily BB from Holika)
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Swatch and photo of myself, all in daylight under the bright sun.

Cream feathered.Face only — skin rebels))))There is only cream, brow gel and a pencil for the lips, about which the speech is below)), the Redness not completely hidden as seen. The sun is bright. Note that I’m a little sweaty, foccas in 30градусную the heat near the window with the sun right in the face))))General appearance: a cream only without a blush, bronzer, highlighter etc: I think it looks very natural on the skin.

The following “experimental”, which is already visible on the face with the tone (just faster to otvoditsya, to be honest))) — this Lip Liner Metal Rock from Stellary in shade 09 “nutty.”

I love pencils for lips to use as lipstick. Don’t understand “conviction” on the subject of the “pencil-only circuit” and so on. Where do I want to smear))

About the pencil is difficult to write something long, so I will not waste your time pencil good. All) Well the truth is: it is quite soft (though could be and is softer, so it’s a tiny minusik). Well, “draw”, keep the contour and even rather long lasting on the lips as full coverage. Pigmented. Turned good.

The manufacturer says that the pencil is “perfect for applying contour and full lip hatch” — and I agree. Well, maybe not exactly perfect, but almost)) the Food — will not survive. Teacoffee with cookies — Yes. Spent fast enough. Also, if someone important figure of the leopard quite quickly erased))

Here you can see the “leopard” is gradually disappearing)

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But I’m pleased with it, and most importantly — a shade right up my. I like all beige and brown, in principle, to imagine, and this is exactly the color I was not)

The meeting (and I, of course, a meeting — at home))) — buy some of these pencils in different shades.

Price: I bought for 129 rubles.

Rating: 5 – a little less for what could be chutochku softer.

Swatch and photo for himself, the light of day.

Again, the skin is rebelling, so please “understand and forgive”)))) don’t know how to remove pimples on photo)))the sun is Bright.Well, here is the result: tone + gel for eyebrows, blush/highlighter, pencil. This is my most basic make the last couple of weeks) the Photo was taken later in the day hours and pencil here is much darker, but it’s the camera, I think. Or under certain lighting (shadow) — he is.

Thank you for your attention 😉

*** Anya.

As you mark Stellary? Is there anything to recommend for purchase? I would have bought something else)

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