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Good day!

In today’s post I want to show several funds of the German brand Catrice. They are United by the format — they are all pencils (liners).

Interestingly, those products that I had no expectations not pinned, I liked, but the ones that attracted the interest of at first acquaintance with something, but disappointed.

Start with liners for lips —

Aqua Ink Lipliner Ultra Long-lasting 010 070 AttiNude Everything and Rosewood Fair

Packing would be unremarkable, but “writing” the tip of the liner is very unusual, see for yourself.

When I got these liners, they have me aroused, I would say even for children. Interesting “thing” — liner pen for the lips, so even with this unusual tip ball. Resembles capillary pens that I love (that of the clerical associations), or markers for the lips (this is cosmetic) — tried only one, but I liked the convenience and finish on the lips.

In General, as you know, I expected these liners will easily friend some. But no.

Aqua Ink Lipliner Ultra Long-lasting pleasant, do a little “watery” texture (I would call it diluted with water pure pigment), light and almost not noticeable.
No dry lips (although Swatch on hand it is hard to imagine).
Persistent. Swatch on the hand, almost eternal, but on the lips, all good.
Has bright flavors. Unequally give pigment: dot, dot, dash. My dotted line instead of a smooth contour as it is not satisfied, naturally, I’m trying to paint the “empty” areas, and then Ink Aqua Lipliner “painted”! In the end, still uneven: sometimes brightly, sometimes barely noticeable. You know, there are pens that are a no-no, stop writing, although still a lot of ink? That’s the same story.
When applied to dry and noticeably sticky.
It is impossible to predict how much is left, the uneven impact of the pigment is not what it says.
Well, the most offensive to me, “writing” the ball was uncomfortable, he was not sufficiently elastic, and therefore, “walks” at a push.

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The effect of moist after washing

I keep these “markers” only the tip (ie a ball) and down, not the battery and not in direct sunlight (in the chest). Shake before use, but every time the same Aqua Ink pigment Lipliner gives uneven.

A volume of 1 ml/0.03 fl Net.oz, manufactured in Germany.

As for shades, I got two of nine.

010 AttiNude Everything , my favorite cool Nude. Despite all of these nuances, they are not so rare.

070 Fair Rosewood is a beautiful, clean cool pink.

Interestingly, after a few months of use the situation with the behavior of the liners has changed: the consistency was a bit mixed, like a separated fraction of the pigment coating by contrast is more uniform, and shades… has also changed. 010 AttiNude Everything “polygel”, and 070 Rosewood Fair — become more bright and neon.

230₽price5/10оценка8 months 1P/nudeleisaibens

Calligraph Ultra Slim Eyeliner Pen Waterproof 010 Black

I’m not very relationship with liquid eyeliners, so I prefer gels/shadows. Often the problem is in the brush and that I stain eyelashes, trying to hold the line. In the end, instead of the eyelashes I glued three hairs, it was quite a sight. Remarkably, this happens only with black (I colored so hard the lashes don’t stain or do not stain at all). For all time a brief attempt was discovered one liner that I was relatively able to cope.

Liners-markers and I did the last time tried in his youth, it was something from Avon, or Avon, I have nothing left, I dropped that idea. And if not provided for testing Catrice Calligraph Ultra Slim Eyeliner Pen, is unlikely to be gathered to re-use a liner in this format.

And so I decided that here it is, my second chance, a sin not to use it.

A volume of 1 ml/0.03 fl Net.oz, manufactured in Germany.

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At first glance everything is fine:
convenient felt applicator with a really sharp tip;
rich black color;
the lack of “marks” and dirt in the breeding line due to a convenient format;
matte finish.It’s not for long, unfortunately: the sharp tip quickly stops writing, although the liner is more than enough, and the side face all drawn perfectly. But only on the hand. Draw lines side for me is simply unrealistic uncomfortable, and the paint does not come in the right amount.
The second controversial point — I would argue with water resistance Calligraph Ultra Slim Eyeliner Pen Waterproof.

Drew two lines, waited for the complete drying of the Dripped water, and lightly (!) rubbed

Do you think water-resistant products behave? I think not.

But this “arrow” is made on the same day as the Swatch on the hand with the previous two photos. This is the result of about five minutes of trying, eventually had to “score” the arrow shadows.

And lying I have this liner: pigment exactly abound, but removing it is not possible.

240₽цена3/10оценка8 months 1P/metallomesogen

And finally, a couple of cream eyeshadow

Stylo Pen Eteshadow 010 Ick Bin Ein Pearliner! 040 and Brown To Earth

I already once wrote that mates with a creamy texture to the eye, it seems to me, the flaws of applying such products is difficult to correct. Maybe it’s just me, but I still to this day a dry texture I prefer in most cases.

In the spring I was sent these shadows and they, in contrast to the above ships, aroused the least interest, but in the end these are what I use most often.

The usual plastic body, cap until you hear a click. Stick gets out, simultaneously causing the wall.

The volume of 1.6 g/0.05 oz., made in Poland.

  • The pencils have a nice texture: not crisp, not greasy, but it is easy moving. It is possible to layer, achieving greater saturation, but the sticks give a nice color and with the first smear.
  • Easy to use, can be applied directly from the stick, brush or even fingers.
  • Perfectly amenable to shading (assuming it is mentalnosti, otherwise the shadow will seize and will haze instead of holes).
  • Great for use as a substrate, I like to “glue” the pigment to the light shade.
  • Have a good durability.
  • Fat/hanging skin can be a little roll, an important moderation in the application. The problem of spalling can be solved by fixing the shadows with a dry texture (works not in all cases).
  • Decided to see what the length of the column of shadows, I twisted it to the limit, and then, when spin was no more than the fifth part, the mechanism refused to work and I had to help him with a finger. Along the way, scrape part of the shadow side of the case. Not to say that it really upset me, but it would be better without such.
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Shade 010 Ick Bin Ein Pearliner! — shimmery shining white. Beautiful shade, but I often wear it in pure form, and use for loose pigments or under the eyebrow. If desired, you can apply as a highlighter, but you need to take into account the abundance of individual shimmer and glitter.

Shade 040 Brown To Earth — brown beautiful shimmery that the skin looks cold.

Shade 040 Brown To Earth on the primary century as substrate, Shade 010 Ick Bin Ein Pearliner! in the corner and under the eyebrow040 Shade of Brown To Earth, in the middle of the mobile eyelid added duochrome LimoniShade 010 Ick Bin Ein Pearliner! as the substrate under pigmentShade 010 Ick Bin Ein Pearliner! under the brow and as an underlay under pressed shadow

300₽цена8/10оценка8 months 1P/nudeleisaibens

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