Strange dances with the liquid pigment for lips and cheeks Gogo Benefit Tint Lip & Cheek Stain

This liquid tint complements the existing collection liquid pigment for lips and cheeks from the brand Benefit. I invite you to look at how we became friends.

In the embodiment gogotint pigment of benefit was published in 2017 in a shade of bright cherry, Bright Cherry, adding to the palette of blooming Orchid lollitint, pale pink posietint, color mango chachatint and tint of a red rose benetint.


Liquid pigment for lips and cheeks Gogo Benefit Tint Lip & Cheek Stain

Detailed view:

I want to say that I basically are not a fan of the natural, so in my opinion you need to make certain amendments. However, from time to time, until my hands fall into a variety of products related to this category and I tested. This winter I had the opportunity to get acquainted with the liquid pigment for lips American brand Benefit.

A little about appearance and characteristics.

Certain natural Benefit plus is the product edition in two volumes – full/standard (10 ml) and mini (4 ml).

A full-size format is in a glass case with a shiny, almost mirror finish.

In my case, the tint is presented in an even smaller volume of 2.5 ml, which for me was more than enough. As I understand it, outwardly, my baby looks just like a mini-format 4. And both thumbnails easy to carry in a purse.

A small bottle hidden in a cardboard box, which contains all the basic information about the product.

Please note that the manufacturer’s product is named Guerlain, France!

On the packaging you can find the ingredients.

The case is made of hard durable plastic. Twist-off lid is provided with a special brush, like nail Polish. I have it no problems, but I read that someone is not suitable.

Inside the cardboard packaging shows a diagram of the application to the lips and cheeks.

The manufacturer recommends that you apply gogotint on the lips and cheeks, then blend it out to create a bright shade (it only takes a couple of seconds!), choose the coolest guy and arrange a test drive its new persistent ally! Promise that the tint will last all night, not smeared, is kiss-proof and will not require re-application.

In reality, the process is a little different (as will be discussed a bit below), but this will not prevent you to carry out the proposed test drive, even if the result is not quite as expected ;))

Texture Tinta watery, almost gel. The brush typed handy a number for the targeted application, does not leak. But if you want to paint with a brush for more of a bright shade, you will need quite a lot of okunanii of the applicator into a reservoir of paint.

Tint well Blendable. To obtain the desired intensity of the shade can be layered many times. It’s called one of the advantages of the considered means of decorative cosmetics.

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Now go directly to the demonstration of this product.

First look of tint on the skin of the hands. In this case, it is quite justified, since the water proposed to be used not only for lips but also for cheeks.

The shade is rather bright, red maraschino cherry, with cold photoname. Changes depending on lighting, so I will try to show it in different conditions.

At daylight near the window immediately after application and partial shading:

The same in the sun:

Ten minutes later, after drying, in daylight:

The left-most strip — two layers next to it is one. Right feathered immediately after applying the patch.

In the sun:

Now consider the case with a feather (to use as a blush):

It turns out pretty good frosty blush with no apparent leaking, streaks, and surface defects.

Now look at all this art in a day after application:

And now with the “area of glow”.

At first glance, the durability is not bad, considering that I wore clothes with sleeves, rubbing the skin and sleep under a blanket.

Now go to the safe work tools on the lips.

I inflicted in two ways – feather with your fingers and the brush. Experimented with several layers.

Without coating my lips look like this:

The sun

In the shadows

I’ll start with the brush application.

One layer:

It is seen that a little plesivec, but the circuit is not running and in the folds clearly not falling asleep.

After a certain period of time, the finish becomes more satin and calm.

But still leaves the items pretty clear signs (but they should not be within a few seconds (!), according to the promises of the manufacturer).

After drying I applied a second coat. It happened already more evenly and is very bright.


Near a window:

In the bright sun:

After drying again becomes noticeable unevenness and baldness. Perhaps, of course, is the flaw in my lips, but I’ve read reviews where this blemish is also noted.

In daylight:

Closer to the window:

So I added a little blending with fingertips. Is a more attractive picture. At the macro, of course, visible defects, but with the distance of an outstretched arm is all more or less safely looks.

In the sun:

In the shade:

An hour later, the pigment looks a lot more washed out, although much brighter than my natural lip shade. Also becomes visible to the emerging strip from drying out and peeling, as no moisture or care, in this product no. My lips do not like and take revenge on me for such experiments (which we will see later).

After a couple of hours the colour intensity even more falls, but remains so for a long time, 6-8 hours on the right, overlapping the natural shade of the lips more pink and eye color. Not a fountain, of course, but still the effect of Tinta is.

If you eat something fat, the color is to eat more.

Now I will show you the way targeted application with instant smudge with fingertips.

We immediately see that it turns out some Ombre effect with a lighter center of each of the lips and more pigmented loop.

In the shadow looks a bit more evenly:

Applying the second layer the situation radically does not change:

Lots of layers with your fingers, I apply, as the lips start to hurt.

And that is especially sad with this method applying in a few hours the color is almost not visible at all.

With regard to the resistance to fingerprints, then there is pretty good, although there are a few BUT.

First, the pigment is stopped explicitly (like on the lid of the vial pictured above) to print, should only take a couple of seconds (as specified on the manufacturer’s website) and not five seconds (as indicated in some other sources), and at least five or ten minutes.

Second, a slight tint will still leave at the first contact. This can be seen on test results with a napkin. Top mark – when the method of applying the fingers, the lower brush.

In fairness, I note that the napkin, of course, more catching surface than, for example, a teaspoon, and I applied for her from the heart )) And even with this whole imprint of the lips almost invisible. Basically, only a trace band closure. So the test for the imprint more or less passed, I think. And what about kissing, especially hot and not air, I’m not sure. I test is not carried out and here’s why: from wearing Tinta Benefit I get really dry and sore lips, so in extreme conditions it is contraindicated.

Here are my poor lips every second day using a liquid pigment for lips Gogo Benefit Tint Lip & Cheek Stain

On the strip of the clamping lip formed a crust on the lips began to peel and dry. So I try to use tincam not every day, but to make significant breaks and gaps to treat thin skin.

And it’s not just the fault of my lips. Last fall, I was happy to wear the Korean wine tint for lips Labiotte Chateau Wine Lip Tint, which even in cold windy weather kept the lips smooth and moisturized:

Oh, and finally, show the view in a General way.

Here is the promo photo Benefit:

It looks like the General image of the one review on this product (not mine!):

And here is how I look:

For everyday makeup and for the sake of variety, I carry a bottle of cherry pigment in the purse, but I use it without much pleasure. And don’t even know what grade to put him.

Perhaps, after all, about “3” that is “satisfactory”. Can not call this tint complete failure, but good luck to it, in my opinion, clearly far. Admit that someone will disagree with me, but this is my personal impression, and for me it is “strange dances”.

If You have perfect skin and are resistant to drying of the lips You love Asian style make-up with natural, it is possible that the option of benefit is intended for You.

Price: 800 rubles without discounts and promotions for the mini-format (4 ml) and 2,500 rubles for a standard (10 ml volume)

Rating: 3 of 5 (my, subjective, may differ from the General background)

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