Strong and healthy: the most important vitamins for nails

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To grow your nails dreams, perhaps, every girl. To achieve this goal, you need to provide the body with all necessary nutrients, including in the diet certain foods.

That healthy nails need calcium, it is known for a very long time. This mineral you can get from dairy products, cabbage, beans, eggs, green leafy vegetables. But calcium is not the only nutrient that helps the health of nails.

Nails need silicon. This mineral helps to protect nails from splitting. Silicon-rich buckwheat, beans, corn, oatmeal and barley cereal. For the strength of nails needed sulfur which can be obtained from meat, fish, liver, peas and eggs. Also difficult will become the owner of healthy nails, if you do not have enough phosphorus. This is useful for the nervous system, nails, hair, bones and teeth the mineral is in the seeds, nuts, dairy products, legumes and fish.

For healthy nails the essential b vitamins Especially thiamin, nicotinamide, pyridoxine – they are involved in the synthesis of the main “building” of the nail protein keratin. Also need Biotin. B vitamins can be found in cabbage, dairy products, apples, cereals, nuts, legumes, cheese, leafy vegetables, strawberries, corn, meat.

Another very important vitamin for nails – tocopherol, or vitamin E. Deficiency of this vitamin affects the condition of nails, hair and skin. To obtain vitamin E, should be regularly consumed nuts, seeds, olive or other unrefined vegetable oils, fatty fish.

In addition, you can buy hand cream with vitamin E. vitamins E and A can be added to baths for hands. Vitamins sold in the pharmacy, and there is a special oil for nail care.

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