Student did 15 surgeries to become like Barbie doll

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With the girl wanted to achieve a resemblance to his ideal.

Andrea Ivanova

In Bulgaria, a local student made 15 transactions to acquire the appearance, like a Barbie doll. According to her, Barbie is the ideal of female beauty.

21-year-old resident of Bulgaria named Andrea Ivanova. Last year she made 15 plastic surgeries to achieve our goal of becoming like a Barbie doll. At least once a month and the doctors made any interference. So, Andrea was pumped several times on the lips, hyaluronic acid and also had surgery for breast enlargement.

In the end she got a rather ambiguous appearance, and one can hardly say that it has succeeded. However, she Ivanova happy with what happened in the end. She is confident that she has the right to look how he wants to do with his appearance what it sees fit. It is not afraid of the fact that someone of her looks may not please.

It should be noted that among Internet users was indeed a lot of people who harshly criticized the appearance of Andrea. They said that if the girl tried to be like Barbie, that her plan was a total failure. Ivanova’s face was compared to duck daffy Duck and even the Loch Ness monster. And part of Internet users criticized the plastic surgeons who give people such appearance.

However, as mentioned above, Andrea pays no attention to public opinion, and she don’t care what they write about it on the Internet.

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