Subtle things: a New collection of matte lipsticks YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Slim Leather-Matte Lipstick (review). + Swatch shade No. 17 Nude Antonym


I rarely take the makeup test, but in this case I couldn’t resist, as has long been prepared for the review of this fine new collection of lipsticks YSL Beauté, our own experience was seen as a great addition to chosen material.

I understand that someone is a little annoying influx of related this news, but I wanted to test this new product as long as possible and in the different conditions to give an objective answer about the quality.

If you are interested in the entire collection of these unusual lipsticks, invited to the large, detailed presentation! Welcome to under the cut!

When I first saw the announcements of these lipsticks, it could not remain indifferent and began to collect information.

For a start, I invite you to take a look at the official promo:

For those who love quality video, I suggest you to watch a short video:


This lipstick unique?

Primarily attracts thin hard case and unusual, four-sided stick. Plus, the brand stated a luxurious matte texture which is very comfortable (it is, however, a promised) and leather goods inspired by Yves Saint Laurent Couture House. No wonder the box appears the name of “Leather-Matte”.

But that’s not all.

Creative Director makeup YSL Beauté Peso Tom (Tom Pecheux) who created the collection, when choosing colors, take into account the possibility of a harmonious mix with various skin tones. On the official website you can find a Swatch made in three versions – light, medium and dark skin tones. But the General idea can be evaluated on the following promotional photos, where the same intersect with the three shades of skin colors:

On the official page of the brand are 17 shades of this innovative matte lipstick. In the nested set in presentation card says that Russia will be represented in 16 variants.

For example, the table shades in a scale of “Light Skin”.

List the names and numbers of colors:

#1 Rouge Extravagant

#2 Strange Orange

#4 Fuchsia Excentrique

#5 Peculiar Pink

#8 Contrary Fuchsia

#9 Red Enigma

#10 Corail Antinomique

#11 Ambiguous Beige

#12 Nu Incongru

#14 Rose Curieux

#16 Rosewood Oddity

#17 Nude Antonym

#18 Reverse Red

#21 Rouge Paradoxe

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#23 Mystery Red

#24 Rare Rose

#25 Black Opium

In Instagram you can already find quite a lot swatcha the entire collection, so I’ll post for review only a few photos. Anyone interested to see more, it will be able to choose for themselves and the other images in the network.



Now, on to my own impressions from testing new products.

YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Slim Leather-Matte Lipstick # 17 Nude Antonym


First of all want to mention the extremely attractive design.

Strict, minimalistic, with clean lines, “for the daring and modern women YSL Beauté”. Stylish and purposeful.

Due to its unusual shape, the new lipstick looks very “instagrammable”.

The Union branded the sparkling Golden metal case YSL (which traditionally brings together all the prints) with a black matte plastic part shows an unconventional approach to the concept of matte lipsticks. A matte finish not a dull, dry and lifeless, and has a velvety creamy texture with a slight glow.

In the arm case falls nice gravity and immediately dismisses the thought of cheapness and “Nezalegnosti” plastic.

The cap closes tightly with a click.

Separate plus I want to note a pleasant scent.

Rectangular thin rod of lipstick has a diamond-shaped oblique cut. And turning the face of the base and top of the case are arranged at an angle relative to each other, which also adds to the strangeness and interest.

At first it seems that this shape is not too comfortable for applying, however during the test, it becomes clear that the upper area is convenient to outline the contour of the upper lip and the “Cupid’s bow”. Side angles you can draw the corners of the lips and the contour of the lower lip. The center put the final touches on the closing of the lips.

Someone may prefer to use a brush. Probably, for the bright hues a clear outline of the more relevant. But I have always put themselves nudewww lipstick directly from the stick.

The channel brand has even a special video explaining how to apply new lipstick:

/Note that rollers are made for light and dark skin!/


As seen from these training videos, the lipstick is so pigmented that completely covers your own lip color, applied very tightly and evenly.

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You can find the schematic drawing of this type:

For testing I chose a warm shade nudemy # 17 Nude Antonym. Very beautiful dusty rose (my favourite), in certain lights, disappearing into the Fudge or praline, and sometimes a little vanilla.

I specifically did not hurry with the review and felt the lipstick for almost two weeks, to experience it in different conditions and with different application methods.

She passed the test with dry air indoors and the wind and cold outside. Lipstick was applied directly on clean lips and tentatively planted a balm.

I am not a fan of matte textures. So far no one lipstick from this category were not approved my naughty lips. I have a lot of hopes pinned on the new liquid matte lipstick Givenchy, but unfortunately, she didn’t become friends. But the new YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Slim Leather-Matte Lipstick left a very favorable impression. This is the first lipstick with a matte finish, which has a really creamy texture. It’s a little bit difficult to apply, especially on bare lips, but covers the surface is quite dense nutrient layer. However, she does not set firmly, and remains quite velvety to the touch and in appearance.

Perhaps there is in the formula of this lipstick is something more than taking care of the delicate skin of the lips. No wonder the list of ingredients takes up the entire side of the cardboard packaging.

Unfortunately, a highly pigmented matte lipsticks make my lips more narrow and thin, and to go far beyond the natural contour with the correction I don’t like.

If you apply lipstick on dry lips, then a few hours a slight dryness will be felt, but not critical, and it quickly podrachivaya applying balm or mask for lips. That is, even at worst scenario, the lips are not falling to my death. This is perhaps one of the main advantages of this lipstick.

Here is the “dry” applied to me in cloudy weather:

After an hour:

If you apply lipstick directly on top of the balm, it will not go smooth as on dry land, and there will be more to emphasize different seluchenko and irregularities.

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Here is the coverage in bright sunshine and in cloudy weather:

It is best to apply lip balm or a mask as the basis, to absorb, and then gently remove the excess with a napkin. And only after that proceed to applying lipstick. Then the lips will be enough supply, and lipstick will fall more beautiful dense layer.

That’s how it looks in full:

Unfortunately, the days are very short and mostly cloudy, so the photos are far from perfect, but the General idea, I hope give.

Just in case, will lead the promotional images from the official site:

For clarity, I will add another Swatch on the lightest side of the hand. Right applied in a single layer, to the left in two.

Removesthe texture causes transfer of pigment to different counter surface. It will leave a mark on the Cup or a loved one, but will save the lips from drying out.

On me the lipstick sits well 3-4 hours, gradually eroding. After a snack requires repair, although does not look quite untidy. At least my nudemy calm tone.

Removed the cover, as you know, quite easily, any, even very mild, cleanser.

The density of the coating causes a sufficiently high flow rate that is a definite minus. But personally I see that as a plus. You can try different shades and spent them entirely for too long period of time. Moreover, I hope that the fashion for Matt finishes will gradually go away.

Again, weight 2,2 g lipstick

The price on the official website: $39.00

In Russia these “subtle things” will be released in February 2019.

As for valuation, then objectively you can put 8 out of 10. But if we consider separately a category of matte lipsticks, among his “colleagues”, this new product deserves 9 out of 10! Not ideal, but somewhere close.

I hope that the next review of the new YSL not tired.

We try to offer you only Beautiful news ✍, with great respect for the readers and myself. ????

Waiting for your opinions in the comments! ???? ???? ????

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