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Perhaps it’s my strange purchase for the last time.

After numerous laudatory reviews in the direction of completely undistinguished in content. Sultry from Anastasia Beverly Hills, I started to look in her direction with an unhealthy interest. But every time told myself that this is the fourth palette for the month, well, where you as well calm down soon Norwin come! And Thoth, I heard that the notorious British site from which I planned to order, any problems with paying our cards… In my head came a brilliant idea — I’ll try to buy it, I fail to make a payment and I have a clear conscience to find an excuse for myself. And… the payment went through. Well kapets 😀

Well, welcome to the family!

On the outside it’s just a holiday, not the palette — it’s all made of sequin. They are a little be on hand, but spontaneously and EN masse does not crumble.

In the mosaic standard barbed brush with a fluffy side and a convenient flat brush on the other end.

Cover the palette, in contrast to the same Glam, not going — but it was so good.

In General, I am an absolute fan of the Anastasia palette Soft Glam — vysokomehanizirovannoe matte shade, oil-Metallica — this palette just won my heart and I can’t look in the direction of other shadows. But this palette has a drawback — a fairly warm palette.

But Sultry… Thank you, Anastasia, for the cool colors! Fashion warm red-red-rose shades is great, sure, but they are not for everyone.

In a palette of only 14 colors, 7 matte and 7 chimere-oil metallics.

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Fresh — classic: light matte for fixing base;

Pearl — pearl Shine — not too active, ideal for gentle make-up looks for every day;

Steampunk bronze gold with a stunning creamy texture;

Rose Quartz — rose-gold in the palette, but for centuries goes more in beige;

Cinder — bronze is never too much!

Twig somehow lukewarm in the photo, but this stunning cool color for the crease;

Teak — and again a bronze. Very similar to Cinder.

Dystopian — dark brown vysokomehanizirovannyh matte finish. The base color to darken the outer corner of the eye.

Ember — Yes, again bronze, But this color really has an olive-marsh undertone.

Bloom — a bright pink matte shade that looks in makeup flashy and distracting, despite his rather mixed color;

Birch — the color of mustard, a warm colleague shade Twig;

Cyborg is an extraordinarily beautiful futuristic silver color on the eyelid even with a brush lays down foil;

Slate — gray matte finish, like a touch of beige. Interesting, but makes me think that with it to do this;

Noir — classic black vysokomehanizirovannyh matte color.

First row. The first column — Swatch brush, second finger.

Second row. Similarly.

Matt shadows just killing pigmentation to which it is necessary to find an approach. If you are accustomed to using semi-transparent shadows, you may wonder. Work with them carefully — that matte, metallics can fly under the eyes. To avoid this, you just need to shake off the brush.

But especially I like the buttery Metallica, resembling cream shadows are fantastic quality, which I cannot compare to anything else. But they also have to act carefully, as if they were whipped, if you actively go into them with your finger/brush.

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But don’t you think all these shadows will not be in vain! Simply flatten them with your finger back to refil)

And of course a few make-UPS in the end)

  • Rosy make — up- Bloom in the crease, Rose Quartz over the entire mobile eyelid.
  • Classic: the Twig in the crease, a little Dystopian in the area and any metallic taste on the mobile eyelid. I have — Pearl.

He is in daylight:

  • Silver Cyborg beckons for experiments! Unfortunately, the arrows from the shadows on my oily overhanging century is not kept, but looks interesting)

  • Darkened the outer and inner area tinged Dystopian, the center added still silver.

  • The same thing, but more fluorescent option: remove the arrow carcass to a more translucent state. The center added less bright Pearl.

  • Well, I could not repeat the makeup manuka_honey who just won me for its originality, but not pretentiousness)

In the eyelid caused hue Bloom, on all the movable century is a shade of Cyborg.

Summary: I recently wrote a post on the palette Soft Glam and called her favorite product 2018. But the cold beauty Sultry slightly pushed his colleague aside because of their color. Quality no complaints there — the formula of the shadows Anastasia is still my favorite formula of shadows — they are pigmented, not patnet easily become flustered. Of the minuses can allocate the flowability and dustiness.

Price: £46.00

Rating: 5

Cool colors;
Basic range with bright accent;
Great pigmentation;
Soft tusovka;
Oil metallics;
Despite the fact that the brand is not in offline sale in Russia, it can be easily ordered with free Express dostavlyaetsya under the eyes;
Dust when dialing in a palette;
Sequins from packaging slightly be on hand.

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