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Good day!

My final post this year is, of course, about the most favorite means of decorative cosmetics. I didn’t spray and only picked really the most favorite as well as its open this year. Everyone who loves to draw cosmetic results, welcome under kat.

So, let’s go in order.

Dior Concealer Fix It 400 Green

the SWOT analysis made by the day before the window

Here we are not talking so much about the Dior concealer (though about it too), how about color correction. I always ignored this point. It seemed to me that it has something for makeup artists for professional photography for makeup with the effect of plaster on the face. I was wrong. This concealer I bought myself, it was given to me from a friend who brought me a box of cosmetics, with which she played enough, or something didn’t fit her shades. (Yes, like on You Tube where girls are exchanged with friends suitcases cosmetics, never thought I’d be in their place…). The funny thing is, I remember she bought this concealer. We went out shopping, and she would, and I tried to dissuade her from buying. In the end, she bought, she didn’t like, I tried it and very impressed. Destiny…

In short. This particular concealer is very light in hue, it is quite possible to blend on the face to remove the redness, but it was not visible. Even if you do not block it powder or regular concealer. And in the center he has the moisturizing component, so that it serves as a good base for makeup. On my cheeks almost always there are areas of reddened skin. Closely located vessels. So in the winter I almost always rosy. And this concealer is wonderful saves. I realized that unfairly avoided that such correctors, be sure to look at this topic next year.

Base-cushion-Foundation for face, Physicians Formula Mineral Wear in Natural shade

Swatch made a day before the window

Here the situation is very similar to the previous with the concealer. I’ve wanted to try some tone cushion. Since that time when in Russia there were two L’oreal and Yves Rocher. It’s been a few years (two? three years?), neither one nor the other are no longer on sale, but I was attracted by this blue powder box (colonize?) Physicians Formula. I approached her many times since she showed up offline. And all the shades were dark to me. Actually the lightest shade — Natural, I still dark. But the desire to try this format grew, I decided that I will cut off the excess dark light powder, especially that nice cushion adjusts to match my skin tone. And so it happened, I was very happy with the format and the method of application and the finish. I really like that Pat with fingertips gives a very smooth tone, which I did not even achieve with a sponge or Beauty Blender type. And shade, well, he’s not perfect. But next year I really want to try cushion either Dior or Lancome, and it is there I will select the shade properly. By the way, I prisovetuet class kuchanov, please!

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Chanel Les Beiges Powder in natural tan Spf 15 hue No. 10

Swatch made a day before the window in several layers

This is a classic pressed powder Chanel Les Beiges collection. Really this collection is more about the person slightly touched by the sun. And mostly shades of bronzer. Initially I wanted a summer limitu — updated mattress, but even the lightest shade was too dark for me and looked unnatural on my skin. So I took the lightest shade from the classic powders. And happily used as an ordinary powder all over the face. A nice bonus is the brush that comes in the kit. This powder has become my favorite this year and even pushed my compact Meteorites in the lightest shade.

Eyebrow pencil Brow Vivienne Sabo Arcade shade 01

Swatch made a day before the window

I’m generally not a fan of eyebrow makeup. This trend I absolutely do not close and clear. Well, how would if the eyebrows shaved, then Yes, they probably will have to draw. But other than that… I apologize to those who sincerely likes to do the eyebrows, if something is not pleasant to me, it doesn’t mean it’s bad. For a long time I had enough clear gel for eyebrows, but this year I watched a video by Mark Kaufman on the budget purse to 5,000 rubles. Found a couple of interesting tools. And at the same time decided to get acquainted with this pencil. It was very interesting why he was so praised by many makeup artists. Moreover, the issue price is less than 300 rubles. I took the lightest shade and was pleasantly surprised. Do this with a pencil you can do both eyebrows clearer and softer. To draw a shape or just to fill the void. The most valuable in this pencil brush at the end. If I pressed the pencil too hard and the line was very bright or clear, using this brush and it like erases the problem. Oh and another plus, very thin lead that doesn’t need sharpening and which extends automatically. I am very pleased.

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Palette Just Peachy Too Faced Mattes

This year can definitely be called the year of shadows. I bought a year already seven charts. It is difficult to say a lot or a little, but for me, probably a lot. Specifically, in this palette I fell in love at first sight, even on promo photos. And though I bought it at the end of the year, it is still my favorite for the whole year. I like crazy colors, I finally realized that is when the shade shade themselves. It seems to me that it is already clear that she’s a little poutana. Hands all the time are drawn to it. I can do as nodoby casual makeup and bright, colorful. It has a unique pure pigmented pink shades, which is not much. In General I am very happy with it. And I sincerely believe its the best of all the Too Faced palettes. Here is a detailed post.

Clinique High Impact Mascara

It’s just black ink. Good quality black ink. This year I began to wear black mascara, largely due to the fact that began to experiment with shadows. If nodulosa to my usual make-up is better suited brown ink, with more vibrant images, certainly better than black. I mainly need mascara volume. I have long lashes but they are straight and light at the ends. So if they don’t tighten up, it will be forward-looking long sticks. It looks strange, so just lengthening mascara does not suit me. And use Celeron I don’t like. It seems to me that it breaks lashes. So this mascara meets all my requirements. In a single layer, it’ll just make eyelashes visible. Two coats they will already be bright. Three work drama. So I’m happy with it.

Next, I will show the lip products. Among them, two lipsticks and two of gloss, and less expensive.

L’oreal Infaillible Matte Gloss 407 Smoke Me Up

I have a lot of glitter from the Infaillible. Something like eight pieces. Matte series is essentially a creamy liquid lipstick. They are very nice on the lips and no dried. But not persistent. This year I have acquired a 407, and it won me over in colors. This is a complex plum-wine-pink Burgundy. Something like that, and anyway words are not enough. These shades I’m more comfortable than red. So I was delighted.

Guerlain Terracotta Summer 2018 Kiss Delight Gloss Balm In Apricot Syrup

Best expensive Shine this year I recognize the orange candy glitter from the summer collection Guerlain. I did a post about all three glosses in the collection. It is light, almost non-sticky, sheer Shine. Which is slightly adjusted to the shade of your lips. And after leaving all the glitter on the lips is light pink tint. Great Shine, great texture. Just most of all I loved this orange shade.

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Clarins Eclat Minute lip Balm-stick lip gloss 08 Plum

If I were asked to choose the best lipstick this would be it. The range of balms Eclat Minute gave me my most favorite lipstick in the shade 06 Rosewood, but the spring limitka this year has also become one of my favorites. Stunningly beautiful plum shade that can be both bright and translucent. As well as fantastic caring for my very bad and dry lips. This really is a treatment, not a temporary impact. A couple of hours with this lipstick-balm and my lips come in excellent condition. Leave the peeling, relief is smoothed. I think that is a fantastic tool. It is a pity that in the line of so few shades. Here is a detailed post.

Essence Colour Up! Shine On! 10 Rosey Glitz

This new line of moisturizing lipsticks I loved, I talked here about the four notes. In my opinion the most successful shades in the line — newmovie. In particular, this tenth tint. He’s a nice translucent. Unlike the darker counterparts does not flow into the vertical folds of her lips. All lipsticks moisturize the lips, which is surprising for such a budget. Now this form of lipstick is added and a matte line, but until them, I haven’t reached.

This image was created only with products described above. The lipstick I chose Clarins.

Overall, this year was very interesting for me. Out a lot of new products, updated existing selection. I tried a few different matte lipsticks and was pleasantly surprised. Despite the love for blush, this year I almost didn’t buy them and never used them (but nothing, in the coming spring promises to be generous with blush). I began to experiment more with shadows. More to do a complete makeover.

I also want to mention that brand this year for me was DE.CO. I pretty much just bought them, and talked a lot to you. And much to tell not yet. For me they are great in terms of all kinds of accessories. I recommend to pay attention.

What’s interesting about this year you tried? What enjoyed most? Pleasure to read your version of the best makeup this year.

Thank you very much, have spent the past few minutes, and this whole year with me. I really appreciate it!

It is necessary to remove gray sunglasses, the world is full of bright colors.


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