Summer makeup collection of Dior Makeup Collection Terra Incognita, Summer 2019: full details and promo photos


Full information and promo photos make-up collection , Dior Summer Makeup Collection 2019 (the”real” photo collection can be viewed here). The collection is inspired by the scorching desert, its beautiful sunsets and sunrises, unexplored lands, the bronze Sands. The collection turned out great, it has a lot of sand, brown, Golden shades — all that important for summer. The collection includes palette eyeshadow Dior 5 Couleures Eyeshadow Palette in 2 shades, double liners for eyes Diorshow In & Out Eyeliner in 2 versions, 2 highlighter Flash Luminizer, bronzing powder Diorskin Nude Mineral Bronze 2 shades, 4 shades of lacquer lipstick Dior Addict Lacquer Stick, 2 shades of lacquer lipstick-plumper Dior Addict Lacquer Plump, but pretty good for the lips , Dior Addict Lip Tattoo in 4 colors and 4 nail Polish Dior Vernis. The entire collection will be released in limited edition.

A collection of Terra Incognita Dior Makeup Collection Summer 2019 will include:

Palette eyeshadow Dior 5 Eyeshadow Palette Couleures Summer 2019 with a pattern reminiscent of Eastern coinage of copper, in 2 shades:

  • 696 Sienna;
  • 786 Terra;

Double liners for eyes Dior Diorshow In & Out Summer 2019 Eyeliner in 2 shades:

  • 001 Blue / Black blue / black;
  • 002 Bronze / Brown bronze / brown;

Dior Flash highlighter Luminizer Summer 2019 in 2 shades:

  • 520 Pearly Gold pearlized gold;
  • 550 Pearly Bronze — bronze mother of pearl;

Bronzing powder Dior Diorskin Mineral Nude Bronze Summer 2019 with the same pattern, and palettes for eyes, 2 shades:

  • 001 Soft Terra — bright pink-bronze;
  • 002 Warm Terra — warm bronze;

Lacquer lipstick Dior Addict Summer 2019 Lacquer Stick in 4 shades (2 shades that will be presented in Russia):

  • 522 Bronz’Chic;
  • 544 Bronz’Exotic;
  • 687 Bronz’Authentic;
  • 887 Bronz’Shamanic;
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Lacquer lipstick-Dior Addict Lacquer plumper Plump Summer 2019 in 2 shades:

  • 358 Pink Sunrise — pink sunrise;
  • 638 Red Sunset — red sunset;

Tint for lips, Dior Addict Lip Tattoo Summer 2019 will be released in 4 shades:

  • 311 Natural Dune;
  • 321 Natural Rose;
  • 541 Natural Sienna;
  • 831 Natural Brown;

Nail Polish Dior Vernis Summer 2019 in 4 shades:

  • 425 Terra Gold (pictured no, Russia will not be represented);
  • 536 Orange Sienna;
  • 708 Blue Drop;
  • 826 Wild Earth;

Top coat for nails Dior Vernis Summer 2019 in the shade:

  • Sunglow.

Summer makeup collection of Dior Makeup Collection Terra Incognita, Summer 2019 will go on sale in Russia in may 2019.

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