Summer makeup collection Tom Ford Soleil Makeup Collection Summer 2019: new information

A little promo-photos summer collection Tom Ford Summer 2019 Soleil (but not the full composition). “Live” photo collection can be viewed here. This year the collection has turned out great later will do a full post. The collection includes:

Cream eyeshadow with a metallic finish Soleil Tom Ford, Acqua Metal Shadows Summer 2019 (estimated price — $46) in 3 shades;

— Mascara Tom Ford Soleil Lash Mascara Rays Summer 2019 (estimated price — $46);

— Bronzer Tom Ford Bronzer Soleil Soleil Glow, Summer 2019 in 2 colors (approximate price — $70);

— Palette for face Tom Ford Contouring Compact Soleil Summer 2019;

— Double blush, Tom Ford Cheek Duo Soleil Sheer Summer 2019 in the shade:


— Tone cushion – Soleil Tom Ford Cushion Compact Foundation SPF 40 Summer 2019 (will be a few shades);

— Lipstick Soleil Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer Summer 2019 in 11 shades;

— Lip balm with 24-carat gold particles Soleil Tom Ford Lip Blush with 24k Gold Summer 2019 — gives a pinkish hue, which becomes darker on the temperature of the body, has nutritional formula;

— Double gel lipstick (with a hint in the middle) Soleil Tom Ford Lip Gelee Lipstick Summer 2019 (estimated price — $55) in 4 colors;

— Top coat nail Soleil Tom Ford Nail Lacquer Summer 2019 (estimated price — $37).

Summer makeup collection Tom Ford Soleil Makeup Collection Summer 2019 will appear in international sales in April 2019. (already starting to appear in some stores in USA). A more detailed post with all shades and promo photos will be too late.

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