Sunscreen spray for body SPF 15 from Mirra

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Good time of day!

In my Arsenal of sunscreens beginner — cream spray SPF 15 brand Mirra, which my today’s post.

My opinion:

In the choice of sunscreen for the body I’m not really fussy, I love to try something new, basically I have a pharmacy and luxury of protection from the sun. Cream Mirra I was attracted by the fact that according to the manufacturer, combines organic, inorganic and vegetable oils and protects against A and b rays.

The hero of today’s post has quite a thick creamy texture. To distribute on the skin more carefully than, say, a lotion or lotion. If well applied, no white residue on the skin will remain. Is absorbed quickly. I think that especially this creamy texture will appreciate the owners of dry skin (mine is normal).

Used this cream as a hot and Sunny summer walks in the city. On the beach I was a little uncomfortable, as due to the fact that the cream is absorbed for a long time, the sand sticks to the skin. But in the cream I liked much more. In any case, the cream everywhere showed their good protective properties. I used the cream my face was only the body, for the face I have other means with a higher factor.

With the sun I’m always careful and observe all necessary rules.

Cream released in the spray bottle, which works fine, but because of the thick texture it’s a little tight. In General, to the packaging, no complaints. The cream is white. Aroma of sweet creamy floral.

A good cream at a reasonable price.

Period of use: 3 months

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Price: 399 rubles.

Rating: 4+

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