Sunscreen stick Elizavecca milky piggy great sun block stick SPF50+ PA+++

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I think the reviews on sunscreens are now more relevant than ever. We have a very Sunny, the sun beats down mercilessly and without sunscreen I’m not even in the store.
So, my latest acquisition – Solar STIK Milky Piggy Great Sun Block Stick SPF50+ PA+++ Korean brand Elizavecca

Design as always funny. The ubiquitous pig in glasses – hearts, which cannot be.
When opening cardboard boxes, the picture becomes even weirder:

The manufacturer’s promises:

Stick ELIZAVECCA Milky Piggy Great Sun Block Stick SPF50+ PA+++ that protects from the sun, designed to protect the most sensitive areas of the face and body.
The tool is easy to apply using massage movements, is applied to the skin in a thin layer, does not clog the pores, is not felt on the face. On the skin it leaves a light effect of glowing skin.
Stick is absolutely not sticky and comfortable to wear, is moisture resistant.
Its active nutrients penetrate deep into the layers of the epidermis, preventing the sun’s rays adversely affect the skin, making it soft and smooth.

Externally it is a typical antiperspirant in stick format. Plastic is durable, the screw is working properly. Cover tightly prelegal to the walls of the case, accidental opening is excluded. Wear it in the bag, never opened.

The tool at first glance it seems thick, but it melts when sportonline with the skin. I apply it directly from the stick, then distribute with your fingers, since the nose it is difficult to apply directly.
Milky Piggy Great Sun Block Stick is very similar to the silicone Foundation is distributed evenly over the skin without leaving it any color. A great option for those who are afraid of vypilivaya sunscreen.
Until the end of the tool is not absorbed, it creates on the skin a water-repellent film.
Visually smooths out pores and gives the skin Shine. It looks velvety, not greasy or wet. The rays from it are not reflected, even in the photos from the beach, it looks decent.
No way, it is not sticky. But if you hold the skin with your fingers, it will become clear that sunscreen will not go away. Visually he did not issue.
If you want you can apply makeup, conflict with the tone occurs.
After a couple of hours after the first application, I add a second layer (even if there was to be water treatments). Still not tanned at all, and not going to. The test of sun stand perfectly. The skin is not flowing and gives her a sweaty look.
Consumed moderately, but I already bought a second stick, until the end of summer I for one will not be enough.
The pores do not clog. Remove it in the evening with a hydrophilic oil and subsequent washing with gel/ foam.
The format is very convenient for trips, Hiking.

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Price: 1200 rubles per 22 g

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