Super-serum with retinol for care of area round eyes Verso Super Eye Serum with Retinol 8

Hello! In this post I want to raise the issue of the use of retinol to the eye area and to share the experience (and even more of a warning) from the use of serum Verso

After 30 the skin around the eyes has become very problematic. Impact sleepless nights, long work at the computer, blurred vision, stress and weight gain. It took special care to eliminate the bags, strengthening and brightening the skin.

Almost 2 years ago, I talked about products for eye care. But at some point your favorite serum, Bakel Cool Eyes failed to find, and there was a question about the replacement. On the wave of positive impressions from using the patches under the eyes Verso Reviving Eye Mask I decided to take the brand and serum.

Who are these Verso?

If you follow fashion trends in the area’s skin care and love to load up on foreign websites that talk about niche brands producing effective products with active ingredients, it certainly drew attention to the minimalist white jar with figures like a mirror image.

The Scandinavians Verso opened his own company in 2013. Using studies from Stockholm University and the results of testing different concentrations of an asset jointly with one of major hospitals of Sweden, the company has patented its unique form of retinol — Retinol 8 — a vitamin A derivative Retinyl Retinoate. The synthetic component of the new generation is 8 times stronger than normal cosmetic retinol, but by a slower and prolonged action less irritating to the skin.

The company adheres to the concept of minimalism in ojogovom mode and offers consumers a broad by numbering each medium in turn applying from 1 to 10. At the moment, the lineup includes 24 product: wash, day and night creams, serums for the face and around the eye area, specialized products for the targeted application, oil, masks, lip care and eye. It is assumed that by following the numbered steps, you’ll get everything you need for the skin.

Product for skin care around the eyes manufacturer immodestly called super serum.

Verso Super Eye Serum

A powerful formula specially developed for delicate eye zone, helps to stimulate the production of collagen, slowing down the emerging signs of aging. Reduces puffiness and bags, lightens dark circles, smoothes wrinkles and creases.

Packaging is meticulously designed and aesthetically very pleasant. There is mixed conciseness pharmaceutical product of luxury and elegance.

Box — heavyweight matte cardboard, rough to the touch.

Bottle — thick glossy plastic with applied black paint inscriptions. Looks monumental.

The lid is removed, in the closed state is sitting tight and travel does not come off. The whole structure is light, but very massive, this is not a miniature tube, which will fit in any makeup case.

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The dispenser is just huge, like a fire extinguisher or gas canister.

So only maniacs scare

Design is completely sealed, impossible to disassemble. Cracker jars me unhappy. Control over when content will not work.

Dispenser hole wide, gives the amount of product that will last not something that is on the area around the eyes and on the face, neck, neckline and hands still remain. To control the dosage will have to adjust: the dispenser has a smooth ride, content shoots, but tight when pressed and do not always manage to stop in time.

The product does not accumulate on the nozzle and dry the hole, but still there remains a little, but looks clean and tidy.

The serum itself is a yellowish-white whipped light cream

Need a small pea-sized for application to both eyes, but as we have seen above, not always it is possible to obtain what to do with remains, unclear.

One press of the dispenser

The formula is weightless, spreads easily, melts quickly on the skin and becomes transparent

A little distributed

Immediately after the distribution starts cold and moisturize the skin, brightens and even humidity, but to soak up to the end not in a hurry

Due to this effect the area around the eyes instantly becomes fresher and lighter.

The fragrance of the serum is bright, smells of something cosmetically-flower, felt not only at the time of application, but in the next half hour persistently reminds himself. I don’t mind scents in care cosmetics, but still prefer unscented means.

It is recommended to use 2 times a day, dealing with patting movements on the area around the eyes, as a standalone product or closing a moisturizing cream if necessary.

The volume of bottle is 30 ml seems endless, but on the website the manufacturer claims that the serum is for 2-3 month of use. Well, judging by the number issued to a dispenser of a product, something like this happens.

The composition is really impressive:

Directly about retinol and its forms suggest reading here and here.

Scientists say that the molecule is a synthetically created asset retinyl retinoate synthesized mix of pure retinoic acid and retinol, and it only needs one step for their cleavage when injected into the skin. As a result, retinoic acid immediately starts to work, whereas retinol continues to be converted by adding the delayed effect and minimum irritation. As a result, stimulates the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the tissues, preventing loss of moisture. In addition, the asset is considered more stable under the influence of solar radiation. On the other hand, this form of retinol at the moment the least studied.

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The interesting part is our favourite squalane, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, and “scary” components:

  • tetrahydrodiferuloylmethane — derived from turmeric, is an antioxidant and brightens skin — prevents the discoloration of the skin by inhibiting the action of tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for melanin production.
  • hesperidin methyl chalcone is a derivative of flavonoid hesperidin, which is contained in citrus fruits, is used to lighten dark circles under the eyes, strengthens the capillaries close to the skin, and prevents their rupture, potentially leading to less formation of cyanosis under the eyes.
  • peptides: dipeptide-2 (responsible for lymphatic drainage and eliminate puffiness and dark circles) and palmitoyl tetrapeptide 7 (one of the components of Matrixyl 3000, anti-inflammatory, reduces the production of substances that destroy the matrix of the skin and lead to wrinkles and loss of elasticity). More about peptides suggest to read here.

Any assets it is recommended to introduce in gradually, especially with retinol, especially in the area around the eyes. The retinol a lot of side effects: dryness, redness, peeling, itching and burning. The project was actively using retinoic acid on the eyes, while others try to avoid.

I decided that the skin is already accustomed to retinol (wrote about it here), and the manufacturer claims that the asset in serum minimally irritating. And of course ignored all the recommendations.

The first week everything was perfect: the serum is quickly absorbed after application, immediately moisturizing, the skin was shining, no feeling of stickiness, film or irritation. That is precisely the skin around the eyes felt fine. At the end of the first week I began to notice a slight smoothing of wrinkles, though they were filled from the inside and became a little less noticeable. Overall, positive dynamics me happy.

At the beginning of the second week the picture has changed dramatically. I did not promise, but abruptly one day when applying the serum caused a strong burning sensation on the skin, which took a long time. I had to flush, could not be tolerated. Nothing but I haven’t used only this serum, and by the way, no peeling, redness and other visible signs of skin irritation I have ever seen. After waiting a few days, I again ventured to use the serum again and it seamlessly absorbed.

In addition, started to dry his eyes, and eventually get tired — this effect, like you’ve been swimming in the salty sea or the pool with bleach. However, no visual manifestations: redness or more visible capillaries.

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At the beginning of the third week of the burning sensation when applied back. I decided to ignore: a visual irritation does not manifest a burning sensation passed after about five minutes, I came to the conclusion that this is an asset. But switched to applying only in the evenings. The eyes continued very tired, the skin smooth and brighten.

And after a month of use my eyes decided that they have had enough of executions and swollen. I just woke up the next morning with swollen eyes that ached, itched and showed all the signs of infection. Turning to the doctor revealed that it’s not an infection, but a banal reaction to too powerful ingredients that gradually undermined the protective function of the eye and they did not survive. We had to postpone the cream and all the decorative products and treat the eye — it took a month.

I think after that I stopped? 😁 Any further application of serum ended the same way: burning immediately after application and tired eyes. Despite this, the skin became more dense and elastic, wrinkles become less pronounced, skin color is lighter. But the serum had no effect on the bags, they continued to appear. I also noticed that the skin became more oily, it did not dry up at all. And there was Milia — small white cysts, rashes on the skin.

After a month I realized that no longer willing to tolerate and adapted the serum to the face, having the very next morning the pimples. In the end, barely flicked it, causing the neck.

Maybe it’s my individual reaction to some component in the product. Perhaps this is the result of applying too strong assets. Anyone else ever used it? You were able to make friends with her?

Recommend this serum, I’m afraid. Because no one wants what I have. But if you are used with a strong asset and you need something effective to lighten the area around the eye and returning elasticity, the product will not disappoint you. Dry skin that needs intensive nourishment, think, love.

Manufacture: Sweden. Volume: 30 ml shelf Life after opening: 1 year.

The duration of continuous use: 2 months, then sporadically, and for other purposes.

Price: $ 85 on the official website of the brand, I took discounts for 60 GBP (about 5300 rubles)

My assessment: very difficult, because the serum caused a negative reaction.

Let us discuss? If anybody had similar reactions to remedies for the skin around the eyes? Do you think it is justified if the use of retinol in this zone?

And thanks for stopping by.

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