Super stable liquid lipstick NYX Lip Dye, Epic Ink, epic is not for the impressionable,in the shade 01,03,07

Good day!😊

We will continue on the lipsticks? Today I would like to discuss with You, in my opinion, is epic failure from NYX.

Data represent ink lipstick for lips that are produced in the format of a liquid lipstick. When applying the first second, the texture of the lipstick is very liquid, like paint lips with watercolor water, but after a minute on the lips is already waiting for a light, matte, full coverage.That’s the theory, let’s see what we have in practice😀


A volume of 7.5 ml. Tube of thick plastic with a cap-applicator. Initially, they are Packed in a transparent mica. The color of the case matches the shade of lipstick that allows you to understand what is (at least approximately) the shade inside. Nothing unusual, the usual form for NYX)

Small, beveled, brushed applicator, which is convenient to draw the outline and paint over the lips.Thanks to the limiter product is typed in, exactly in painting one lip, which is convenient because the texture is very liquid.

Texture and color: have me beside Arsenal were three instances in the shade 01 is Poised (we’ll call it a classic red, very beautiful color that is sure to fit any girl) 03 Heartbreaker tombeur (rich berry pink),07 Night runner (in the tube looked like a dark plum color, darker color) the Consistency is more moist than lipstick, this color water, Ala watercolour.Accordingly, non-sticky, lightweight, very liquid.Chemical scent, reminiscent of ink.When in the mouth there is a bitter taste.The finish of the lipsticks have a matte/vinyl.


Lipstick is really resistant, but only if the make-up remover.Second photo after the micellar water and the third tried to wash the lotion for removing makeup. But they zamechatelno washed with water😂


Immediately after application 01Через 2 minutes after applying 01Попила tea 01Сразу after applying 03Через 2 minutes after applying 03Через 10 minutes Immediately after application 07Не survived decided to wash 07

Beautiful, saturated colors
Dries quickly, leaving the horror)
Not felt subagency:
Looks bad after 5 minutes after application
Emphasizes all the nuances of imperfection condition lips
Not persistent

Verdict: Such hopes for these babies,😂 after reading the positive reviews. But alas… When applied they look good the first three minutes, then all. Pigment Yes, we can.But how? With a washed out shade 07 and had to walk until evening that was not fun for me😢will Immediately stipulate that in the photo with makeup lips otkrovenny and hydrated with a balm before applying! In a few minutes after drying, the color starts to be unevenly distributed, which creates an ugly effect. For any contact with water to rinse, stain teeth. Snack will not sustain. Coming off gradually but leaves behind derivable, stubborn traces in the folds of the lips and in the rough. Also, if there are mistakes in the circuit must be correct because it will take a minute, the pigment will eat and the situation will not fix it. Not lipstick, but a disappointment😕 With one shade might not be so lucky, I agree, but what would three… What do you say about this? Did her and how she behaved to you?)

Rating: 2/5

Price: 650 RUB.

Testing period: 1 month.

Thank you that read to the end)


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